Who Is Alex Fine? New Details On Cassie's New Husband And Baby Daddy

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Who Is Alex Fine? New Details On Cassie's New Fiancé And Baby Daddy
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Singer Cassie married Alex Fine in August 2019, and the pair just had their first child! She shared a gorgeous sunlit photo of the couple's engagement just one month before the wedding, which was cowboy-themed, on her Instagram with a heart caption.

In the photo, Fine is down on one knee, proposing.

Photos of her with celebrity trainer Alex Fine first popped up in December 2018 in an Instagram photo from Cassie’s birthday party. And Fine wasn’t just any guest — he was kissing the birthday girl herself.

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It appears Cassie found her happily ever after, but who is Alex Fine? Here are all the details on Cassie's new husband, their newborn daughter, and their life together.

1. He's an athlete.

Fine is an Ohio native but headed to Michigan for college. He was on the football roster at Central Michigan University, though he never made it off the bench. He left school in 2015. 

2. Alex Fine realized his true calling was to move to Hollywood and become a trainer.

When Fine was about to graduate, he watched the film American Sniper and noted how big Bradley Cooper had gotten to play the role. He was curious about who trained the actor, so he set about finding out more details.

Eventually, he discovered and contacted LA trainer C.T. Fletcher and flew out to Hollywood to interview for a job with him. Fletcher offered him a job starting the next day. Fine’s mother was distressed about his quitting school only weeks before graduation, but training turned out to be his true calling.

3. He trains for a lot of hit TV shows, including the Riverdale cast.

Fine trains most of the cast of Riverdale. He started out working with Mark Consuelos in 2015, and others from the cast wanted him to train them as well.

But training actors with a massive fan following has its drawbacks. Fine says his phone number is easy to find, so his phone will blow up if there’s ever a hint he’s with a Riverdale cast member.

He told Vanity Fair, “I just turn off my phone because it’ll be like 500 phone calls, and I’ll answer one thinking it’s over, and then it’ll be like, ‘Hi, is KJ there?’ And sometimes I don’t say anything, or I’ll let him answer the phone and he’ll speak in an American accent and they’ll have no idea, just as like a joke.”

4. Fine doesn't just train actors — he trains athletes as well.

Fine also trains athletes, which comes with its own brand of risk. Justin Pugh of the New York Giants bet him that he couldn’t ride a bull.


“I thought I could do it and he didn’t. I’d never ridden a horse before. It’s pretty peaceful when you’re sitting on the bull... until you get bucked,” he said. Fine now competes in rodeos.

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5. Fine has other plans for his career besides training.

Fine doesn’t think training is the last thing he’ll ever do. He realizes this is a career for now, not forever, telling Vanity Fair that he hopes to transition to film making eventually.

"I want to travel, [and] make movies and T.V. and documentaries that are important to me,” he said.

6. Alex Fine married Cassie in August 2019.

Until recently, regarding his relationship with Cassie, there was not much known about them except for that passionate kiss. However, Fine and his lady love, Cassie, have recently made things official.

The couple got engaged in August and the pair got married on August 28.

7. Cassie and Fine just welcomed their first child.

The couple's wedding isn't the only happy news they're celebrating right now. Alex Fine and Cassie also welcomed a baby girl on December 9, 2019. They named their daughter Frankie, and she's the couple's first child together.

Fine and Cassie had already released a statement in June expressing their excitement at becoming new parents. They noted that they "couldn't be more excited and happy to have this little girl come into our lives. We are so blessed." 

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