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Meet Cassie Ventura —Diddy's Ex Is Living Her Best Life With New Fiancé And Baby On The Way

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Who Is Cassie Ventura? New Details On Diddy's Ex And Her New Fiancé Alex Fine/

Cassie is a renaissance woman and has been long before the days of "girl boss" culture. The American singer, dancer, actress and model has solidified a long-standing legacy for herself, with hit bops like "Me N U" and plenty of other unforgettable tracks. Simply put, she's unstoppable; and now, she's happily engaged.

This past week, her current beau, Alex Fine, asked for her hand in marriage in the most elaborate, beautiful way possible. The two have been dating since last December, and it's clear that the duo is head-over-heels in love with each other. Cassie is also expecting her first child, a baby girl; so pretty much, she's on top of the world elated. Who is Cassie Ventura?

I grew up on Cassie's music, as did my peers of the millennial generation; however, in the age of vine stars and Instagram influencers, her name probably doesn't ring a bell for many. If you're in that boat, keep reading for all the details.

1. Cassie's upbringing.

Born in 1986, Cassie was raised in New London, Connecticut, a coastal city. She began her modeling career at 14, later expanding her portfolio to local department stores, like Delia’s and Seventeen. Cassie was encouraged by her producer, Rockwilder, to hone in on her talents; so, she took vocal lessons, modern ballet and other courses through her school’s performing arts program. Once she graduated high school, she  moved to New York City, where she continued her modeling and music endeavors.

2. Cassie's music career.

Cassie was spotted during the 2004 club scene, with the likes of American recording artist, Ryan Leslie, taking her under their wing. Ryan Leslie and Cassie wrote a duet called, “Kiss Me,’ which secured her a management deal with NextSelection Lifestyle Group. Leslie then went on to write and product Cassie’s first single, “Me N U,” and the rest is history. The song, as we know, became an instant hit and propelled Cassie into stardom. From there, she dabbled in other areas, such as acting, and she continued to release new albums, signing new record deals, and more.

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3. Cassie's relationship with Diddy.

Diddy and Cassie have had an on-again, off-again relationship that often became center-focus in the public eye. It all started when Diddy heard Cassie’s single, “Me N U.” He soon produced her debut album through his Bad Boy Records, and the duo worked together to build her career. Diddy also furthered her modeling career, making Cassie the face of his new women’s collection. Both remained friends amid the highs and lows of Diddy’s life during this time, including his split from Kim Porter. Eventually, Diddy and Cassie came out publicly as a couple in 2012; and the two tried to make the romance work despite their busy schedules. Everyone knows, though, that their relationship was a constant rollercoaster wrought with fighting, breaks, cheating, and more. But finally, after 10 inconsistent years of dating, Cassie and Diddy called it quits; and Cassie is onto bigger and better things, musically and personally.

4. Cassie's relationship with Alex Fine.

Once a college football player, Alex Fine is a celebrity fitness trainer with his own brand, Alex Fine Performance. He’s amassed quite the impressive client roster, including Jennifer Aniston, Terry Combs and K.J. Apa. Alex Fine and Cassie began their love affair shortly after the end of her saga with longtime boyfriend, Diddy. She revealed the status of their relationship in an Instagram photo that captures an adorable smooch-fest (along with her jovial mom). Since then, they’ve enjoyed a ton of happiness and prosperity, which many fans, such as myself, are ecstatic to see. 


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5. Cassie's pregnancy.

After eight months of dating, Cassie announced her first pregnancy to the world via Instagram and of course, everyone went crazy. Friends, family, fans and onlookers alike cannot wait. No one is more excited than her and her man, though. In the following Instagram post, Fine stated, “I never thought my heart could grow bigger after meeting your mother… then I found out we were having you and I instantly felt a love that is so indescribable. I promise to be at every dance recital, concert, sporting event, school plays whatever you decide to do I will be there and support you. I am your number one fan.”

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6. What's next?

The sky’s the limit for Cassie, between her growing music career and her flourishing personal life. She has much to celebrate this year and the following to come; and she deserves everything and then some. Until the next story breaks, we’ll be eagerly watching her glow and succeed in everything she does.

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