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Future Basically Confirms Relationship With Lori Harvey After Instagram Story Calling Her 'Flawless'

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Are Lori Harvey And Future Dating? New Details On Her Life Post Diddy Including Her Arrest For Beverly Hills Hit And Run

Steve Harvey's stepdaughter, Lori Harvey, is drop-dead gorgeous and has her pick of famous guys to date. Her most recent conquest was Diddy, who even met her parents while they were having a summer romance.

But she may now have dumped the mogul and is circling back to test the heat of an old flame. Are Lori Harvey and Future dating?

Back in 2018, Harvey was linked to the hip-hop artist, but she moved on from him pretty quickly. Now, fans are wondering if she's giving him a second chance after the two of them posted some suspiciously similar photos on Instagram. Not only that, but Future has seemingly confirmed their relationship in an Instagram story of his own

And we've got all the details.

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1. Lori and Future in 2018

Lori tried to hide from paparazzi while she was out shopping, but she didn't quite get away from the cameras. She managed to slouch down and hide her face when she was in a car, but photogs posted a clear shot of her in a store with Trey Songz in L.A.

It might have just gotten a shrug from observers, but then Future piped up in social media, commenting, "You ducked too late. I see you. I like that. It’s cute. Cute, keep it up."

While Future didn't specifically say why he was taking such an interest in what Lori was doing in her free time, some assumed that he was feeling salty at seeing her with another guy, as if he had been her man before that. Neither he nor Lori ever confirmed they had dated. 

2. Future and his baby mamas

Future really doesn't have room to slut-shame anyone given his history of playing the field. The rapper has not one, or two, but six different baby mamas: Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J,  Ciara, Joie Chavis, and an unidentified woman.

As we reported, Future doesn't stop fooling around with one baby mama just because he has other baby mamas in the picture. In fact, he may have been involved with a couple of his other interests during the period when he was allegedly dating Lori. 

3. Trey and Justin

By New Year's, Lori and Trey Songz were posting videos of themselves ringing in 2019 with a kiss. The two of them locked lips at a party hosted by Diddy. Some reports suggested Future was also at that party and so was Diddy's son, Justin.

What's the big deal about a son attending his father's New Year's Eve party? Well, Justin was also an alleged ex of Lori's! The fact that she was in a room with three current and former flames but no drama broke out is nothing short of amazing.

4. Lori and Diddy


A post shared by Lori Harvey (@lori_harvey_) on Oct 15, 2019 at 6:52pm PDT

By this past summer, Lori had traded up from all her past flings and started dating Diddy himself. That's right, she hooked up with her ex's dad! They never confirmed they were dating, but they kept popping up in photos together, and Diddy even met her parents. Even Justin seemed cool with the pairing, saying, "They [are] good. They’re just being... Private time,” he explained to reporters at an event. “That’s up to them. So...”

But the couple split, according to a source close to them. "Him and Lori had a fun fling, but Diddy is still healing and focusing on himself right now," the source told E! News. "He is not ready to be in a long-term committed relationship and is focusing on his kids right now." 

5. Chilling in Malibu

Lori headed to Malibu on October 11 and uploaded some gorgeous shots of the beach to her Instagram stories. The Shade Room captured one of her pics of the beach and the boardwalk. They also posted another picture taken the same day, at the same time, of the same beach.

That snap came from Future. It might be a reach to suggest they were in Malibu together — it's a big town and a big beach, after all — but what better way to get over Diddy than to rebound with an ex?

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6. Hit and run

Lori could use someone to give her some TLC these days. Back in October, she got into a single-vehicle accident. She allegedly hit a parked car then left the scene of the accident, according to police reports. 

"When police arrived, the driver of the sedan had left the scene of the collision. The driver, determined to be Lori Harvey, was ultimately contacted by police in the area," Beverly Hills police said in a statement. "Due to the fact that Harvey left the scene of the collision without providing her information or contacting police as required by law, and caused a delayed in the police investigation, she was cited for misdemeanor hit and run and obstructing/delaying a police officer." 

She eventually turned herself in and was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and delaying an investigation. She wasn't booked by received a misdemeanor citation. 

7. Lori and Future in 2019


A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Nov 29, 2019 at 2:15pm PST

Though the two never confirmed their relationship back in 2018, nor the rumors that they had given it another shot following her split from Diddy, a post on Instagram pretty much confirms what fans have been speculating: that the two are seeing one another again.

Just a few days ago, Future posted a photo of Lori with the caption “flawless” and a diamond emoji. The photo was apparently taken while the two vacationed in Abu Dhabi. In addition to this photo, Future shared a video of the two riding in a car and Lori sticking her tongue out.

Before this vacation, the two were seen at Future’s 36th birthday party on November 20th, where Lori sang “Happy Birthday” with guests. They were even seen at Teyana Taylor’s concert holding hands.

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