Is Diddy Gay? 6 Reasons Why The Gay Rumors About Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs Refuse To Die

Is he, or isn't he?

Is Diddy Gay? New Details On The Latest Gay Rumors Surrounding Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs Getty Images

Is Diddy gay? Rumors about the hip hop mogul and producer's sexuality have been raging since he first burst onto the scene as part of Bad Boy Entertainment.

Though many have speculated that the man born Sean Combs was homosexual, he's been in several high-profile romantic relationships with women — including the late Kim Porter — that have produced several children, including Christian Combs, who is himself pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. 


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But these latest rumors about Diddy's sexuality suggest that where there's smoke, there's fire — and there's more evidence than ever that he just might be gay. Let's look at what we know about the truth of his sexuality.

Is P. Diddy gay? Here's what we know: 

1. People suspect he is, thanks to his verse in a song by independent rapper Blood Orange. 

Blood Orange is a rapper born Devonté Hynes who is best known for his work with the likes of Solange Knowles and Mariah Carey. But he's come to the forefront thanks to Diddy's appearance on Blood's song, "Hope."


In the official video for the song, two men are seen embracing and Diddy's rapping the lyrics, "Sometimes I ask myself, like / You know, what is it going to take for me not to be afraid/To be loved the way, like, I really wanna be loved? / But that I know how I really wanna be loved / But I'm, but I'm, like, scared to really, really feel that / You know, it's like you want something / But you don't know if you can handle it /Maybe one day I'll get over my fears and I'll receive."

While Diddy isn't outright saying, perhaps, that he's gay, he's certainly coming close to insinuating it. You can check out the video.

2. Homophobia is common in hip hop — which makes it difficult for rappers like Diddy to "come out of the closet."

While there are many positive things that hip hop has contributed to American culture, its raging homophobia isn't one such thing. Because of the homophobia that's rampant in hip hop — even a so-called "woke" rapper like J. Cole isn't above using anti-gay slurs, and some critics suggest that homophobia in hip hop is "normalized" — it's difficult for anyone to come out of the closet, including someone as powerful as Diddy.


Even today, when we're allegedly supposed to be forward-thinking and progressive in our mind frame, homophobia is still commonplace in hip hop

3. 50 Cent has been calling Diddy 'gay' for years. 

50 Cent never saw a fight that he didn't like — and his "beef" with Diddy has been raging for many, many years.

As recently as 2018, Fif has been calling Diddy "gay" at every turn, including on anappearance on The Breakfast Club. "He doesn’t even know what he says is, like, fruity," said the "Many Men" rapper about Diddy.

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4. Diddy also said that he battled depression, which further fueled the 'gay' rumors. 

"2019 was a crazy year. It was a great year for some of us and for some of us that s**t was really, really, really hard man. It was a hard year," he said in an Instagram video post. 

Needless to say, that video post sparked hundreds of comments from fans, begging him to "come out of the closet" and encouraging him to live his truth. "It's ok, Diddy, to just come out and be a gay man. Love yourself enough to, as you say in this video," read one comment. "Bruh just come out its ok cuz muthaf**kas still gonna listen to your music," said another.



5. Wendy Williams has also said that Diddy was gay. 

Before Wendy Williams was a staple on television, she was a loud-mouthed radio disc jockey in New York City. During her reign as the queen of urban gossip, she frequently inferred that Diddy was gay. 


However, back in 2017, Williams and Diddy reconciled after Diddy appeared on her show. "I know I pissed a lot of people off, including you. But this is a full-circle moment, everybody. Get into adult conversation," said the controversial talk show host, before apologizing for her past behavior.

6. Diddy has never confirmed or denied gay rumors. 

For what it's worth, Diddy has never confirmed or denied any rumors about his sexuality. However, it will be interesting to see if he comes out of the closet, or if he continues to keep everyone guessing. 

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