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Meet Nicole Olivera — Mystery Woman Spotted On Date With Diddy

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Who Is Nicole Olivera? New Details On Mystery Woman Spotted On Date With Diddy

The life and loves of Diddy are always fodder for the rumor mill. The latest woman to have fans buzzing about Diddy's love life is model Nicole Olivera. The mogul and the model were spotted out together in L.A. recently and now people what to know what's up with the two of them. No one knows much about the brunette bombshell and her social media feeds don't shed much light on her career but she does seem to know people in Diddy's orbit. Specifically, she has some kind of relationship with his 12 years old twin daughters. But what is up with her and Diddy himself?

Right now the couple isn't saying one way or another if they are an item. And Diddy has been linked to other women, like Lori Harvey, as recently as this summer. So who is Nicole Olivera and what's going on with her and Diddy? Read on for all the details.

1. Dinner at Nobu

On October 13, Diddy was spotted exiting his car at Nobu in L.A. with Olivera at his side, Hollywood Life reports. The two dined together and left in his car. That's all anyone can say for sure. Things like where they were before dinner, what they talked about while they shared a meal and where they went after they were done are total mysteries for now. 

2. Not a stranger

Nicole isn't some random girl in Diddy's life — she has some kind of connection to the family. Diddy's twin daughters actually show up on her Instagram feed, in between the drop-dead gorgeous modeling shots she posts. She doesn't talk about how she met the 12-year-old twins but she's known them a while. One photo from September 2018 shows her snacking on big cups of shaved ice together. She also has a video of herself with one of the girls at Disneyland in January 2019. It almost enough to make us question whether she's a nanny or assistant for the girls.


A post shared by nicole olivera (@nikeeolivera) on Sep 20, 2018 at 10:32am PDT

Olivera and Diddy's daughters. 

3. Actress and model

There isn't a lot of information about what Nicole does for a living but she has a few film credits to her name. IMDB notes that she appears in a TV show called Bad Escorts, a show called The Situation, and a short film titled Hollywood Misconception. Nicole has also been an extra in The Middle, as well as on Glee.

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4. What about Lori Harvey?

As recently as this summer, Diddy was rumored to be linked to Lori Harvey. They were photographed out together multiple times but never confirmed or denied their relationship. Over the summer, Diddy's son Justin let it slip that his dad was dating Steve Harvey's stepdaughter. "They [are] good. They’re just being… Private time,” he explained to reporters at an event. “That’s up to them. So…”

That's an awkward thing for Justin to be admitting since he himself is rumored to