How The Sun-Jupiter Conjunct Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until January 2021

Leave the past where it is.

How The Sun And Jupiter Will Help Us Believe Good Things Are On The Way getty

There will be a renewed sense of optimism in the air once Sun conjunct Jupiter, with Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn as well. For our zodiac signs, this transit creates the belief that the future is never determined by our past, but by our will to make things happen.

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets meet within the same sign, essentially aligning energies and forces for the betterment of us and our ongoing journey. Usually thought of as one of the luckiest transits in astrology, it often occurs only once a year.


The last Sun-Jupiter conjunct we experienced was on November 26th, 2018, but we won't see the next one until January 28th, 2021.

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This doesn’t mean that 2020 is an unlucky year, only that this new theme we’re about to set foot on needs more time to come to fruition, and for the necessary lessons to be learned. Knowing this is a beneficial aspect to us is important, but we also must recognize that it doesn’t mean everything will be easy along with it.


Just because this last occurred November of 2018 doesn’t mean that’s a date we may remember for its wonderfulness; instead, it's a wheel that just began to roll at that time when we had no idea where it was meant to go.

Jupiter and Sun are an incredibly lucky duo, but it doesn’t mean it’s not without work or awareness. Like most things in astrology, and nature for that matter, we get out what we put in.  Jupiter and Sun want to bring greater abundance into our lives; they want to help us expand in love, career, finance and life experiences. Not only bringing more light into our lives but also enabling us to shed ours more as well.

But there is another side to this. If we take the good and use it for selfish reasons, these two may bring about a bit of a lesson for us.

While this means positivity for so many, it’s also a matter of correcting the balance if we’ve let greed take over our motives. Only we know the truth of why we do something, and even if the lesson itself is a bit painful, unfortunately, as they usually are, it doesn’t mean it’s still not for our good.


We must come into this transit prepared though — not just for the best, but also to be open to being and doing better. This is the time when we get to have one more lens, one more tool to use to make sure this next year isn’t only better, but also not a repetition of anything we’ve experienced before.

Sun represents who we are at our core, the identity we think of when trying to just be ourselves. Sun, like our own inner soul, wants us to shine bright, to embrace who we truly are, and not hold back. These are the lessons of the Sun.

In Capricorn, Sun is more grounded, hardworking and dedicated to doing just that. This means that something we’ve tried before that didn’t work out may be back up for something, and we want to take a try at again.

Sun in Capricorn doesn’t let the past define the future, which is why it’s an important and reflective time for the zodiac signs.

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Jupiter is the planet of good luck, abundance and expansion. This planet just finished up his year-long ride in Sagittarius, where he presented us with all sorts of options and ways to live bigger and better. But now in Capricorn, his energy gets more focused.

Instead of just trying anything, we’re going to be particularly drawn towards that which we inherently know will work out. It’s almost as if we have a filter FOR what ideas or opportunities are tests or simply window dressing, and those that are meant for us that will succeed.

Around this time, be on the lookout for travel, relationships and new ventures that could be starting. Those projects that do begin around this time will tend to turn out well, and not all are associated with some of those lessons of greed we were warned of earlier.

Even in Capricorn, Jupiter wants us to experience life to the fullest degree. But what must change isn’t necessarily something tangible; instead, it's a way of belief. For many of us, even unconsciously, what keeps us within small tracks and an expected life is how others say we should live our life.


While there are basic moral principles about violence and judging others that are integral to a healthy and functioning society, the pressure and belief to put others first before ourselves or to succumb to pressures to live within the parameter’s others have set down.

This is the separation of believing in these make-believe rules we’ve been told about life paths, marriage, relationships, love, career, even spirituality, and instead discovering that those who made up these apparent rules knew no more than us and, in some cases, even less.

Jupiter in Capricorn is about breaking through all of that, which won’t be done in the first month of this year-long transit.


Understanding this is just the beginning. This is the beginning of a new path, following our own heart, and listening to our intuition. To discovering what inspires us and makes us feel more fulfilled. This year is about forgetting what we’ve been told about how we should live, and instead creating our own life.

Together, Jupiter and Sun are providing us an opportunity that perfectly coincides with the new moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th.

This also includes an active Uranus, which is all about change, new beginnings, risk and opportunity. This conjunction between Sun and Jupiter is like a taste of what’s to come, a moment for us to see that stepping out from behind the expectations of others is the first step of moving into the light of living our personal truth.

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