How A Venus In Cancer Zodiac Sign Shows Love, Per Astrology

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How A Venus In Cancer Zodiac Sign Shows Love, Per Astrology

Venus is the goddess and the planet of love. When she passes through different signs, everyone’s love lives go crazy.

There are ups and downs, drama and stalemates, and a whole lot of passion.

What does it mean to have a Venus in Cancer zodiac sign, per astrology?

For a sign like Cancer, Venus can be a weary disruption of their steady controlled lifestyle.

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Cancer wants to be in control. They are in charge of every aspect of their lives.

Cancer zodiac signs are also known for their manipulation.

When it comes to this zodiac sign's love lives, Cancers can often try to control what their partners do through manipulating and game-playing.

When Venus is in Cancer everything about your love life is going to be balancing the idea of control and self-protection.

For some, this may mean cautiously entering into relationships — slowly and on your terms and your turf. You may lead your potential lover on just to spurn their advances at the last minute.

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You may keep people in the “friend zone”, even someone you would rather be romantically involved with, just because you want to be the person who makes that call.

For others, control and self-protection may enter into your relationships through promiscuity.

They may throw caution to the wind, and take on multiple lovers, to demonstrate their ability to be in charge of their own sexuality and rejection.

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To win the affection of someone who has Venus in Cancer in their chart, you are going to want to option the slow play.

You don’t want to approach them with loud singing declarations of love; this will only scare them off.

Let them be in control of the pace of the relationship. They are also often turned off by people who come on too strongly.

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Venus in Cancer zodiac signs like a little bit of the chase.

When in a relationship with someone who has Venus in Cancer, be aware that they may have some boundary issues.

They feel like they have the right to go through your things and feel privy to all of your personal thoughts and feelings.

In return, however, they expect you to respect their privacy and have very clear and defined lines that they do not want you to cross.

It all comes back to control and self-protection. If you are with someone who has Venus in Cancer, it is going to be hard for you to convince them to think of the two of you as a unit.

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They will often see things in a one-sided manner.

It may seem like someone with Venus in Cancer is more work than they’re worth, think again.

People with Venus in Cancer in their chart end up being the most thoughtful and intimate lovers.

Like any good thing, it will take time, effort, care and not a little bit of coxing, but they will make you feel like you are in storybook romance.

When dealing with friendships, people who have Venus in Cancer on their charts are going to be very loyal.

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They will be creative in their ways of showing affection, lots of thoughtful gifts and personalized activities planned.

Conversely, these people tend to remember your wrongdoings and hold on to resentments longer than most.

When you have Venus in Cancer in your chart, you are going to be very talented when it comes to the arts. Whether or not you decided to tap into that talent is another story.

Self-expression isn’t your strong suit so expressing yourself through art may be seen as a covert outlet for you, or it may feel too personal and cause you to want to avoid it altogether.

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