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How The Double Sun Aspects Of November 8th Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until March 2020

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How The Sun Aspects This Week Will Affect Our Love Lives The Coming Month

On November 8th, we’re reminded once again that whatever is going on outside of our lives is only a mirror for our internal status when we experience double Sun aspects this week. The first transit is Sun sextile Saturn, with Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn, and the second is Sun trine Neptune, with Neptune in Pisces.

In astrology, the Sun represents our sense of self and who we are apart of any other external pressures we may feel. In the zodiac sign of Scorpio, we’re being asked to go within, to dig, to remember who we are, and to let ourselves be transformed, especially if we aren't living life as our authentic selves.

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Both a sextile and trine in astrology are positive transits, which are combining and creating harmonious energy, surrounding boundaries and divine timing (Saturn) in accordance with our dreams, love, and personal spiritual beliefs (Neptune).

But because Sun is in Scorpio, it’s almost as if our practice and mindset involving these areas of our lives allow us to become more ourselves. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to involve some difficulty to achieve it.

Before we go any further with the astrology for the end of 2019, we have remember the sayings that remind us that we receive what we work for, that amazing things require great effort, and that it’s up to us to find a reason or excuse to not live up to our own expectations for ourselves.

The end of this year will be challenging; with Mercury in Scorpio for two months, there’s no way it couldn’t! But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be awful, it only means all of this has revealed itself to us for a reason. We can’t grow without the moments that challenge us to do so, and while these two transits are beautiful, it doesn’t mean they won’t ask of us more than it feels like we can give.

The first transit, Sun sextile Saturn, is extremely beneficial, but it also asks us to reflect on what we’ve done with our time and energy since the last time these two joined in the sky in March of this year. Sextiles signify that two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, so their energy is combined to create a positive environment for us, a situation in which we’re going to act to see results, whether they occur immediately or if we must wait a cycle for them.

We don’t see this aspect occur again until March 2020, so it’s important to try to make the most of this one. How many times do we really want to experience the same lesson so we can finally learn what we needed to?

In this case, the energy of reaping what we have sown is increased because of Saturn’s presence; the ruler of both time and karma means this planet not only asks us to create and instill healthy boundaries, but we are aware that while we have free will we also have the ability to determine what we receive by what we send out to others.

Saturn in Capricorn exemplifies this even more, because this earth sign is all about structures and foundations. In this sign, Saturn is focused on what he’s built so far, what he’s put energy into. And while we are always building, we are called back to focus on March of this year.

Think back to that time and whether there was something you were just beginning or even initiating the ending of. Reflect on how the structures and foundations for your life were affected by these events, and what has occurred since then.

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Have you let yourself get off track? Do you feel lost? Are you getting closer to feeling more like who you are? Are you feeling an increase in strength and confidence, or does it feel like your mind is wracked with doubt?

Depending upon where we are in our journey will determine how we have been feeling. For those who have gone through this Saturn-Sun lesson once before, we’ve learned that before we can make anyone else happy, we need to first be ourselves, for ourselves.

This group of people was tested over the course of the past nine months but came out stronger, more aware and conscious of who they are and what they need. For those who haven’t internalized this lesson yet, this might be that learning curve of realizing we can’t pretend to be something we aren’t.

We can’t say we’re going to make something work if it’s not meant to, and we can’t ignore our own inner truth hoping one day it will just disappear altogether. If we fall into this category, there’s no point in feeling bad, guilty or becoming preoccupied with perceived time lost.

Everything happens for a reason, so dust yourself off, acknowledge the lesson, speak your truth, and make yourself a promise that whatever may happen from here on out, you’ll never sacrifice yourself again.

This is a lot of energy to contend with and has some important lessons, not to mention the Sun-Neptune trine that is wanting to jumpstart the most delicious parts of our lives. In astrology, a trine is when two planets are within 120 degrees of one another, creating a point of positive energy though not as necessarily action-packed as the karmic sextile.

While the Sun represents our inner-self, especially while in Scorpio, think of taking off the mask to reveal what is underneath. Neptune is all about our dreams, love, spirituality and fantasies. In Pisces, this energy is only magnified because it’s his home sign, so we’re being given the gift to dream again, to imagine what we want from our lives, and also who we are. What does living an amazing life mean to us? What does love to mean to us? What does a healthy partner mean?

While Neptune does rule fantasies, none of this has to be fictional. In order to receive and open those parts of life and relationships we want, we first must be able to picture it, to put a name on it, and to know without a doubt not only does it exist but that it's also attainable.

The Sun-Neptune trine isn’t only about us tuning into the truth we have about our lives, but it’s also the time for us to take a step up in our relationships and even be brave enough to begin a new one.

Often, we rush in life because we want our picture to be painted in a specific way. We want to have a home, a spouse, a career and certain image. But when we finally achieve all of that, we realize it wasn’t what we needed (Sun in Scorpio). So, we have to learn lessons the hard way.

We have to remember to practice boundaries and put in the work for the life we’re trying to build, because there is no shortcut to satisfaction or happiness (Saturn). And no matter what, those feelings unto themselves are not distractions, but instead the best parts of life (Neptune).

Love, happiness and self-confidence aren’t something we finally have once we have everything else. Instead, it's part of the foundation to receive and build the life we want.

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