What Neptune Turning Direct In Pisces Means For Your Love Life And Relationships From Now Until 2025

Reality is just a dream we decide to create.

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On November 24th, Neptune turns direct in Pisces. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, love, dreams and illusion, and the big blue planet will be hanging out in romantic and magical Pisces until 2025, so these energies aren’t going anywhere for a long period of time.

Neptune moved into Pisces back in 2011, so while many of us are feeling that we still have so much to work on or accomplish in terms of our lives and love, this transit will show us just how far we have come, so there’s no reason to ever fear the future. But what does this transit in astrology mean for your zodiac sign and love horoscope?


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Well, November has shaped up to be a big and important one for many of us; it’s a time when we saw relationships fall apart unexpectedly and where we experienced those dark night of the soul moments in which we wondered if we were depressed or finally seeing things clearly. About a week ago we saw Venus turn direct in Libra, and with it some much needed clarity involving our truth and what we actually need from anyone we are in partnership with.

So now that we have our two planets that exclude love, the most direct we will be seeing a change is in the direction we feel called towards.


Sometimes the point of life is to go against every plan we ever could ever make for ourselves, not to screw us up as it sometimes feels but because we only can think so small. We can only conceive of what we can imagine, and sometimes life is about being so much bigger than that.

Ultimately though, in order for us to balance reality within our dreams, we need to also see what is possible. For many of us right now we are seeing and feeling that certain situations are over and with it our chance for true love or even happiness. But a relationship never fails if we believe that whatever is meant to happen will. It’s not a rejection if someone says they want to be alone or with someone else, and it’s not a failure if a relationship doesn’t last forever.


This month we have been seeing some big karmic plays on the stage in our relationships, and because of that our ability to dream, to believe in love, and the magic of destiny has been challenged. For some we’ve gone backwards and questioned if any of it really exists at all. However, the point of any relationship is to learn and hopefully become better. If we look at relationships as what can we learn from them rather than what can we get, we end up letting the connection be whatever it is meant to, instead of fulfilling the storyline we’ve had in our heads.

Now, in retrograde fashion we’ve probably been feeling a little murkier than normal and our personal illusions have likely been tested since June when Neptune first slipped back into her secret stealth mode of retrograde in Pisces.

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While much has been unclear, this time has been about exposing what disillusionment had occurred. It was about seeing things as they are rather than how we wished they were, and it was about restoring truth to situations that perhaps held lies.

Likely in coinciding with Venus, many of us are feeling that we saw our partners in a new light, or maybe we just feel like they became a whole other person. Neptune doesn’t create feelings that aren’t there, so while we may need time to process what our lives look like post-retrograde, it’s also the truth of the situation. This means that if partners cheated, or displayed toxic traits, evening lying, it all came out for a reason because astrology always has our best interest at heart even when it seems all its doing is breaking it.


Around this time, it’s important to stay in the moment, to breathe and to surrender to whatever is currently happening in the now. Try to focus not on what you’re losing but on what could fill the space that you’re creating by making decisions that honor yourself and your needs. We can talk ourselves into anything for a period of time, we can attempt to make anything work, but sooner or later our soul always wakes us up and it’s likely we all just experienced our own personal wake-up call.

The good news is that now that Neptune is direct, he’s all about the love, the magical, and those aspects of life that sometimes seem too good to be true. For us that means in combination with Venus turning direct, we will be seeing blocks removed from our love lives and things moving forward more smoothly. People’s intent will be clear, behavior will be more consistent, and motivations will be set on a specific goal.

Not only will things be moving at a faster pace, but because of the choices we’ve made regarding our truth and setting boundaries thanks to what we learned during the retrograde, we will also be inviting in very different romantic energy.

It’s not going to be about begging for what we need or bartering with someone; instead, we will be met and see just as we are — with a little magic thrown in, of course. Because love should never have to feel like a dream to be real; in the ideal relationship it should be a balance of both.

We should be able to feel like our relationship and connection is one so beautifully unique, but it should also be able to stand the test of time and weather any storm together. Because while reality is just a dream we decide to create, so is love. 

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Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website Words of Kate Rose.