What The Double Venus Transits Of October 20th Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships Throughout 2020

There's beauty in boundaries.

How The Venus Scorpio Transits Will Teach Us About The Beauty Of Boundaries getty

We are all in store for a few lessons in boundaries and love for our zodiac signs as we experience two major Venus in Scorpio transits on October 20th. Venus sextile Saturn and Venus trine Neptune, with Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, will have us craving partnership and tenderness, but also not settling for less than what meets our needs.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another and create a positive and beneficial aspect, which then ends up helping us out in our lives. This transit is all about boundaries, but it’s also about letting love in and really being able to have two people communicate about their needs in a relationship. 


But this trine only adds to the overall feeling of juicy love. Venus, still in Scorpio, creates a really wonderful opportunity for us to simply just love. To relax and slow down with someone we have interest and feelings in, so when we do, we’re able to enjoy what we have 

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A trine is a also a really positive aspect, described as when two planets are within 120 degrees of each other. This is not only positive, but a very harmonious and even inspirational energy. It's energy that will be centered around good things we have to experience with love. 

This is a great time for love. There really are no negative aspects to consider.

Venus in Scorpio has a different energy than her home sign of Libra, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. Scorpio brings out Venus’ depths. It brings out her passion and meaning so we are feeling those same transitions in ourselves, and the connections and relationships we’re seeking.

Venus is the planet that rules love, and while Scorpio is more of an alchemist, it’s tempered within the goddess of love’s aura. We are going to be less likely to go for short flings or one-nights stands, instead preferring those relationships where it feels like a partnership.  


With the Venus and Saturn transit, the focus is going to be boundaries we’ve created and if we're upholding them in a loving way. Boundaries can become walls if we’re not careful, and while we all need those boundaries as an act of self-love so we are setting clear intentions for how we need to be treated, if we are looking to make excuses rather than intentions for growing, sometimes those boundaries can end up hurting us.

Saturn in Capricorn is going to have us revisit the structures within our lives we’ve set up regarding boundaries and self-worth. Because of this energy, we’re also going to be more drawn to opening and accepting the love we desire. We will be looking for those connections that provide greater commitment and security, and will want to give that to our partner as well.  

These two planets are going to set the stage for love, a very reciprocal, healthy, balanced and committed affair that will likely just be beginning. Venus in Scorpio will allow us to go deeper within our relationships than we were during the previous transit, which occurred in April of this year. The next one will not be until February of 2020, so we can expect that this energy will linger until then, possibly even representing the beginning phase of a relationship.

The second transit, Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, is really a sweet love compared to the passionate one of the first. These are the many types of love that we may experience.


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In Greek, there are many words for love depending upon the type and feeling it elicits. From Eros, which is romantic love, to Agape meaning unconditional, and even Ludus, a more player fickle type of love. 

Overall, there are six different ways to say love when there is only one way in our language. But with this transit, it won’t be the uncomfortable shift between the two loves we’ll feel; instead, it will be how they both balance one another out. 

The last time we experienced this transit was back July; however, we won’t see it again until next August, so it will be interesting to observe what themes linger until then.


Neptune is the planet that governs unconditional love, and rules spiritualism, fantasy and even mysticism. In Pisces, these energies are amplified, and because of that we’re going to feel them more strongly. Under this energy, we will feel the love towards our partner and be more likely to find ourselves dreaming of love.

Neptune wants us to dream, not to distract ourselves but so we can be in touch with our deepest desires and feelings. But even though Neptune is all about the love, it’s actually extremely beneficial that Saturn is on the scene so we don’t let ourselves get taken advantage of. Instead, we will learn that boundaries are an act of love.

Loving someone else isn’t letting them take advantage of us or giving them everything they want. That is codependency, lest we confuse the two, and while we all have lessons to learn, we also have to make the conscious choice to learn them so we can move forward in our lives and on our path.

For those who are single, we’re going to be less apt to want to casually date or meet up for a good time. We’re going to look for someone who adds value to our lives, and because of that we can see a future with them.


If you're in a relationship, this is a time to take stock of your intimacy style and availability. Are you using boundaries where appropriate? Are you also available for connection?. Are there dreams and desires you’ve kept a secret from your partner, or are you showing them the person you truly are?

These are just some of the themes that may arise, and, of course, with Venus on the scene we will also feel more of that delicious self-love too. 

Together, these two transits bring us in touch with our deepest feelings and emotions, but will also teach us that sometimes the best way to express our love is through those boundaries we create. Hust as long as we’re not trying to keep people out by using them.  


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