Zodiac Signs Who Get Annoyed At Even The Slightest Things

They can't deal.

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High standards can make even the sweetest zodiac sign annoyed when they are crossed.

Finding a situation, person, place or thing less than satisfying doesn't necessarily make you a hyper critical person. We all have pet peeves or things that annoy and irritate us the most.

Maybe your pet peeve is being talked over by other people, maybe it’s dealing with people who drive like the only reason they even have a license to begin with is because of a miracle.


Whatever it is, you can’t always avoid things that annoy you. That said, there usually isn’t much that bothers us so much that we can barely function.

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Even when you’re having an especially bad day, you can still take a deep breath and push through whatever is irritating you, right?


For most of us, this is the case. Nothing that vexes us is something that will take over our entire lives. For others, being easily annoyed by things, situations, and people is just the beginning.

If the slightest things seem to irk you – like a shirt tag that just won’t stay down or your elevator taking one second longer to get to the ground floor – you’re probably a highly sensitive person.

Not all of the zodiac signs are this sensitive, but when they are, it’s easy for them to get irritateded pretty fast and stay annoyed for a much longer time.

You can tell which zodiac signs are highly sensitive because they tend to be the most emotional, intuitive, and highly feeling of the zodiac.


They’re the ones who are most familiar with dealing with other people’s problems, and they often tend to hold the weight of everyone else’s heartaches and issues on their shoulders.

So, naturally, when things seem to bug and disturb them a lot more easily than they do other zodiac signs, it’s most likely because these highly sensitive zodiac signs are just overwhelmed with everything at once.

Highly sensitive zodiac signs do so much for us that it can be hard for us to see them go through annoyance so often.

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We might not always have an ability to help them get over what angers them the most, but we can at least be sympathetic to what they’re going through.


Here are the most critical zodiac signs who get bothered at even the slightest things, according to astrology.

1. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus loves for everything to be in his control. When a hair on his head is out of place or the tag on his shirt isn’t laying right, he gets SO frustrated.

There’s obviously quite a lot of things that can gall this zodiac sign – and it takes him forever to calm down and stop thinking about whatever triggered him to begin with.

When things don’t go Taurus’ way, it can really get under his skin him.

That said, he isn’t one to get hung up on the little things for too long – he tends to have a short attention span for things that exasperate him.


So, while he may not be in a good mood right now, give in a few hours and he’ll be back to his old self in no time.

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2. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo has a VERY low tolerance for things that rises his hackles. Not only is Virgo super critical of everyone around him – meaning whenever someone does something even slightly annoying, it bothers him – but he’s also very controlling about everything.

Virgo needs to have total control in all aspects of his life, including things and people.

Even though he can’t really control what other people do, he can certainly try to get them to be less bothersome. Hey, if you’re going to be a part of Virgo’s life, you need to learn how to play by Virgo’s rules.


Rule number one: Don’t rub him the wrong way.

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3. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Think of Scorpio as that kid on the playground who gets mad when all the other kids want to play their own games instead of the game Scorpio wants to play.

While he may not always say it, Scorpio wants people to listen to him all the time and never question him. When people don’t, he gets his feathers ruffled easily.

Scorpio also gets annoyed easily when people aren’t who they say they are.

How can he trust you and get to know you better if you’re always just a little bit shady?

Anyone who lies, tries to act differently around certain people, or is just a little bit too clingy is super annoying to him.


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4. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn is annoyed by everything and everyone – sometimes, even himself. As one of the most serious zodiac signs, Capricorn doesn’t have time for jokes, stupid humor, or people who don’t take anything seriously.

I mean, how hard is it to find people who are on his level who don’t annoy him?! Capricorn is also a total workaholic. He’s the kind of person who always has his head down, working on a new project or task, so there’s never any room for nonsense.


It frustrates him to no end when he’s the only one taking work seriously, or when he’s surrounded by people who are lazy and unmotivated. There’s a time and place for everything (including humor and having fun), but if you can’t respect that, it’s likely to bug Capricorn.

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5. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius is highly skilled in hiding his true emotions and feelings from the world, but you can almost always tell something is up when he looks totally annoyed.

Aquarius may not show his angry side or frustrated side (although, he does have them), but he will almost definitely show you his annoyed side.


When Aquarius is dealing with something stupid, irritating, or frustrating – which is, like, ALL the time – it makes him very bothered.

He gets annoyed so easily because he feels like he’s constantly dealing with incompetent people and stressful situations.

If we’re being totally honest here, there’s never a time when Aquarius isn’t at least a little annoyed.

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