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15 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Everyone In Your Life HATE You

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Chances are you're pissing off your friends. All of your friends. That is, if you have any. Not only that, you may also be driving your family to hate you, too. (Before you jump into denial, know that your friends and family may be too polite to point out your shortcomings to you, so they just distance themselves so quietly that you don't even notice at first.)

Some people in this world thrive on making other people miserable. That's because these people are miserable themselves, and misery absolutely loves company.

If you're the kind of person with few friends, or if you once had many more friends than you do now, are you wondering why? Don't contemplate it too hard or for too long, because if you do any of the following, you're probably the problem. 

Are you overwhelmingly negative? The queen of humblebragging? Are you on your third destination wedding? Do you have a mommy blog? Do you sell nail wraps, Tupperware, makeup, or perfume from home? Do you love posting political memes on Facebook? Then you're the worst. The. Worst.

Here are a few more ways you're probably making everyone in your life detest your very existence:

1. Whine about how hard your life is.

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Dave Chappelle bitch

2. Send group texts.

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no one likes u

3. Alternate between being passive-aggressive...

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passive aggressive

4. ...and throwing all-out temper tantrums.

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tantrum amy schumer

5. Don't work. Ever. For anything. Rely on the kindness of suckers around you to subsidize your lifestyle.

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6. Never say thank you. You deserve everything.

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tina fey rude liz lemon

7. Take our your insecurities on others.

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8. Never take responsibility for your actions. Nothing is ever your fault.

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it wasn't me shaggy

9. Get involved in direct sales. Harass your family members when your numbers are low. If they reject your offers, say they're not supportive, even if they really don't want knockoff Chia Pets.

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used car salesman

10. Never, ever apologize.

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joey tribbiani not even sorry

11. Send political chain emails and post political statuses, but avoid anything of actual substance in favor of simplistic, trite comparisons of candidates to primates.

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president barack obama

12. Get embroiled in and enthralled with drama, even when it has nothing to do with you.

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demi lovato popcorn

13. Ignore your friends when you're in a relationship. Force your significant other to do the same.

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boyfriend clingy

14. Use a rock crystal instead of deodorant.

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rose mcgowan smelly

15. Refuse to believe any of these can ever possibly apply to you.

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kim kardashian crying