The Most 'Extra' Thing About Each Zodiac Sign

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The Most Extra Thing Each Zodiac Sign Does.

You know when you’re over the top, dramatic, and doing everything in your power to get noticed? When you do more than what’s needed? That's what being extra is all about.

What does extra mean? It means acting in a way that is excessive, dramatic, and sometimes ridiculous. Some people are extra all the time, and others on occasion, but that doesn’t make their extra behavior any less outrageous. Extra is fun; it’s campy, and it’s never boring.

For the extra zodiac signs in astrology, it's a comment that you’re being overly emotional, somewhat difficult, trying too hard to be cool or to fit in, or that you’re about to be crowned Drama Queen. However, there’s nothing like being extra when you want to get attention. It’s kind of hard to ignore someone when they’re wearing a spinning disco ball on their head, after all.

Extra people don’t just throw on their favorite jeans — they plan their outfits down to the last detail and go all out. If they’re going to a baseball game, they’re going to be head to toe in their favorite team’s logo.

ARIES: Risk-taking

You know that expression, "Go big or go home"? Well, that's Aries all the way. They don't just go out of their comfort zone; they take huge risks and epic adventures. It's as if Aries have no fear, or they certainly don't let fear stop them.

Aries like to do the things that others are afraid to, and they don't do it quietly so no one will notice. They don't just walk around the block — they hike Mount Everest.

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TAURUS: Presentation

Taurus are all about presentation and optimizing beauty. If they're having a dinner party, more than likely it's not going to be pizza and beer served out of paper cups. Taurus will set a lovely table, get out their finest china and wine glasses, flowers, and the food itself will be plated beautifully.

But gorgeous presentation isn't limited to inanimate objects; Taurus individuals are always beautifully turned out with everything from their hair to their shoes on point.

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GEMINI: Parties

When it comes to throwing a party, Geminis get extra and over the top. Where Taurus are about presentation, Geminis are about fun and people connecting. They'll make sure there's an abundance of everything: food, drink, decorations, and things like a band, a DJ, or chocolate fountain. It doesn't matter if it's cheesy, as long as it makes people enjoy themselves.

Geminis are great at talking, so if they get involved in a conversation, they can become overly enthusiastic.

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CANCER: Emotions

Cancer individuals are extremely sensitive and can easily get emotional, so it's not surprising that when it comes to expressing their feelings, they can be extra. Cancers have a tendency to catastrophize (the irrational thought where you believe something is far worse than it is) almost anything.

Cancers aren't hurt; they're destroyed. And they're not mad; they're furious. It can seem as if Cancer is in an opera of their own life.

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LEO: Holidays

If there's an opportunity to celebrate, Leos aren't going to pass it up; in fact, they're going to celebrate the crap out of that holiday.

Leos will decorate their houses to excess, dress themselves head to toe in appropriate holiday garb (think Christmas sweaters, leprechaun hats, and those funny glasses people wear to welcome in the new year). And if presents are in order (or even if they're not), Leo will get very extra in their gift-giving.

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VIRGO: Proving a point

Virgos don't just like being right; they want to be acknowledged for being correct, so they will go all out in proving their point. This means documents, evidence, and demonstrations — anything it takes for the other person to give in and admit they were wrong.

Virgos can be very determined and are annoyingly good at almost everything, but it means nothing if their brilliance isn't recognized.

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LIBRA: Social media

Libras tend to go all in with social media . —they're on all the sites, post pictures all the time, share, comment, and join groups. Libras will overshare on social media to such an extent that it's as if it's an addiction they don't want to stop.

And don't think they're not monitoring how many likes and shares they get, and who never comments. If you're not participating in their posts or you're being a jerk, they will delete and unfollow you.

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Scorpios are extra with their sexual appetites. It's not just that they need a lot of sex so they're not sexually frustrated; it's that they don't feel like themselves if they're not having great sex on a regular basis.

Scorpios can be very sexually adventurous and will try anything. They go over the top when it comes to toys, positions, locations, and turn-ons. 

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Sagittarians can be extra when it comes to humor. There's not much that Sagittarius won't do for a laugh, and that includes practical jokes, sarcasm, prop-comedy, and inside jokes.

Sagittarius are great at off-the-cuff humor and thinking on their feet. They don't care how ridiculous they may come off if it makes people laugh.

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CAPRICORN: Instant gratification

For as hardworking, patient, and diligent that Capricorns are, they can be big kids when it comes to wanting something. They don't want to wait; they want it now.

Capricorns want those new shoes, fancy cocktail, bonus points, a raise, attention, a puppy — and they want them all yesterday. They're fine with earning and working hard, but there are times when they want to be indulged.

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AQUARIUS: Personality

The unique way that Aquarius expresses themselves is extra. They're one of the quirkiest signs of the zodiac and that makes them extra from the start. Aquarians are creative and brilliant, so their self-expression is big, bold, and imaginative.

They're very unconventional, so the way they're over the top is going to be completely different than how someone else would do it. One of the ways they're extra is in the costumes they create for holidays/parties. Aquarius isn't going to go buy a costume if they can build their own, and that costume is going to slay.

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Pisces get extra when it comes to expressing their love. If they are going traditional, a Pisces will send dozens of bouquets or give the largest boxes of chocolates. If they're using their creativity, Pisces might show their love with a work of art they did themselves or a song they wrote.

They don't usually seek the spotlight, but if they're inspired by love, they will put themselves out there in a big way to let their beloved know how much they are adored.

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