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Meet Emma Corrin, The Newcomer Cast As Princess Diana In 'The Crown'

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Princess Diana and Emma Corrin

Going on four seasons,The Crown on Netflix has been giving royal watchers an intimate — although fictionalized — look at the inner workings of Britain’s royal family.

Fans have watched the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and her marriage to Prince Phillip in the first two seasons. Now at last, the series is taking viewers into the 1980s and bringing to light the most famous royal of them all: Princess Diana

Emma Corrin plays the role of the People’s Princess, beginning with the period of time when she was Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles was first courting her. 

Now that Season 4 of The Crown is available to stream on Netflix, everyone is wondering the same thing:

Who is Emma Corrin?

Read on for everything you need to know about the newbie actress playing one of England's most notable royals.

Emma Corrin is the spitting image of Princess Diana in The Crown.

As royal watchers remember, Diana was the 19-year-old bride of Prince Charles.

The couple married in 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral, in one of the most watched weddings of the 20th century.

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They had two children together, William and Harry. Diana became known as The People’s Princess due to her approachable style and her dedication to working with children and families in need.

She was often photographed doing hands-on volunteering with children around the world and she was a beloved figure for many.

However, the marriage was far from a fairy tale.

From early on, Charles was rumored to be continuing his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana herself was unfaithful to the heir to the British throne. It was known that she was quite lonely and unhappy in the marriage.

In later inteviews, she confessed to serious depression, eating disorders, and self-harm. In 1996, breaking with years of royal tradition, Charles and Diana divorced. Just a year after the divorce, Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris.

What to know about The Crown:

The series The Crown premiered in 2016. It was based on a play called The Audience and follows the life of Queen Elizabeth from the 1940s to modern times. The show won over audiences and brought home a number of prestigious awards, including a Best Actress Golden Globe and Emmy for Claire Foy, who played the younger Queen Elizabeth and a Golden Globe for Best Television Series.

Season three brought the show into the 1960s and focused on terms of Prime Minister Howard Wilson.

To reflect the aging of Elizabeth, Claire Foy has been replaced by actress Olivia Colman. Corrin will be appearing in season four, which will focus on the Queen and Elizabeth Thatcher and Diana. 

This is Emma Corrin's first big role as an actress.

Corrin is a newcomer to acting, with only a few credits to her name.

Her first feature film Misbehaviour is set to be released soon and she has a role in the Epix television drama Pennyworth, the batman spinoff that tells the story of Alfred Pennyworth.

She couldn't be happier to be playing the role of Princess Di.

For her part, Emma is excited and ready to take on the challenge of playing one of the most recognizable and beloved figures of the 20th century.

“Beyond excited and honored to be joining The Crown for its fourth season. I have been glued to the show since the first episode and to think I’m now joining this incredibly talented acting family is just surreal," she said. 

"Princess Diana was an icon, and her effect on the world remains profound and inspiring," she added.

"To be given the chance to explore her through Peter Morgan’s writing is the most exceptional opportunity, and I will strive to do her justice!”

Show creator Peter Morgan explains the casting choice, saying, "Emma is a brilliant talent who immediately captivated us when she came in for the part of Diana Spencer."

"As well as having the innocence and beauty of a young Diana, she also has, in abundance, the range and complexity to portray an extraordinary woman who went from anonymous teenager to becoming the most iconic woman of her generation," he added.

She's rumored to be dating Harry Styles.

The pair share the same stylist, and some fans think that Corrin and Styles are dating.

However, a source revealed that they're just close friends and there's "nothing romantic" going on between the two.

Emma Corrin recently suffered a health scare after filming a particularly intense scene.

Corrin recently revealed that she was hospitalized after filming a scene for the hit Netflix series.

"I’m asthmatic and had been ill for a while with a cough. I had to film a scene in a freezing-cold swimming pool," she said.

"It was the hardest scene to film because I was genuinely keeping myself alive treading water," she continued. "We were meant to be flying back that night to the UK and went past a hospital to get antibiotics."

However, when she got to the hospital, doctors had a different plan for her.

"The doctors gave me an oxygen test and said, 'We can’t let you go because your oxygen levels are so low,' so I was hospitalized," she revealed.

How scary! Glad to hear she's doing okay now.

You can watch Season 4 of The Crown now on Netflix.

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