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Who Is Jeremy Calvert? 5 Details About Leah Messer's Ex

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Who Is Jeremy Calvert? 5 Details About Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Messer's Ex

The Teen Mom 2 reunion was filmed this weekend in New York City. It was not without drama: Jenelle Evans reportedly stormed off the set; Kailyn Lowry did not even come. For other members of the cast, however, the reunion presented an opportunity to reinforce good relationships. And perhaps to rekindle old flames.

That’s what fans hope for Leah Messer, 26, and Jeremy Calvert, 30. The two took to social media after the taping to share photos with one another.

“At the end of the day, we will always be a team! @jcalvert505 #teenmom2 #reunionweekend #somuchfun,” Messer captioned a photo of her with Calvert on Instagram.

Messer may have been referencing their “team” as platonic co-parents, but others in the comments expressed that they want something more.

“I meannnnn I wouldn’t be mad if y’all got back together,” Kailyn Lowry posted, along with flirty emojis.

Jeremy Calvert also posted some shots to his Instagram, highlighting their collab as co-parents.

Great trip to NYC, the A TEAM didnt have drama.... @leahdawn92mtv #zerodrama#coparenting #putkids1st #nyc#teenmom2.” Messer added a comment, “#teamwork #ateam,” along with a smiling emoji and a kiss emoji.

Who is Jeremy Calvert? His history with Messer doesn’t go as far back as 16 and Pregnant, but their past is still filled with love and heartbreak.

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1. He’s a pipeline engineer.

Calvert with friends.

Calvert is proud of his profession. He makes Instagram posts about the job and being on the job often. He has also partnered with companies such as North American Pipeliner to promote their merchandise.

2. He posts about his daughter Addie often.

Addie grinning to show she's missing a tooth.

But no matter how much he loves his job, it is clear his love for his daughter is unparalleled. He admits it in his Instagram description: “Official Instagram // ‘Teen Mom 2’ on MTV // Pipeline Engineer // Addie’s Dad (best job in the world).” His most recent post is about his 6-year-old losing her first baby tooth.

Calvert also has a story highlight on his Instagram dedicated to his “baby girl.”

3. He and Messer were married from 2012 to 2015.


At the end of the day, we will always be a team!  @jcalvert505 #teenmom2 #reunionweekend #somuchfun

A post shared by  (@leahdawn92mtv) on Apr 8, 2019 at 11:51am PDT

Messer and Calvert pose for photos during reunion filming.

The two entered into a relationship in 2011. Eight months later, the couple wed, on Apr. 4 2012. They suffered a miscarriage early in their marriage, but then welcomed Addie on Feb. 4, 2013.

Jeremy filed for divorce from Leah in April 2015. Fans watched it all come undone on the show. The two fought for weeks until Calvert announced on camera that he was done. “I’m filing for divorce. I’m not f—ing around this time,” he told Messer during a fight.

Messer, however, did not think it was over—she didn’t want it to be over. She told her friend Amber that he’d threatened divorce before. And regardless of how Calvert felt, she wasn’t ready to call it quits.

“I don’t think we should get a divorce, but I think each of us needs time. Like, he needs to get help, and I need to get help,” she said, referring to her struggle with anxiety and depression.

Nevertheless, the two finalized their divorce in June of that year. Jeremy received visitation rights of their daughter; Leah was given custody.

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4. He’s also a good Samaritan.

An elderly woman, whom Calvert said he helped, hunching over her cart in an aisle at Walmart.

One of Calvert’s first Instagram posts of the new year was about an experience he had in Walmart.

Calvert noticed a woman in a motorized cart struggling to do her grocery shopping—she was having a hard time reaching items and reading their labels.

“So I walked over and asked her if she needed some help,” he said and began to assist her.

He posted about the experience on Instagram because of what he thought about after he walked away.

“...I began to think how often that prolly takes place in Walmart. There's plenty of people that need jobs in this country from young to old. Start a customer service program for the elderly that need help while shopping. It can't cost that much to do. #walmart#thinkaboutit #theydeservethehelp#itsjustmoney”

5. Leah is single, so now’s the time to shoot his shot.

Leah with her three daughters.

By all appearances, Calvert seems to be single. Messer is too—she revealed on Apr. 5 that she was newly single. Messer and Jason Jordan called it quits about a month ago. She hasn’t spken much about the break-up, but Messer said fans will be able to see it unfold on the show. “You’ll see me talking about it on the new season,” she told Us Weekly.

The future nature of their relationship has yet to be seen. In the meantime, however, the two make a killer co-parenting duo.

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