Are Harry Styles And Emma Corrin Dating? Why Fans Think They’re Perfect For Each Other

New couple alert?

Harry Styles and Emma Corrin Cubankite and Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Harry Styles has been the talk of the town lately, thanks to his amazing spread in the December issue of Vogue

The Crown newcomer Emma Corrin has also been making headlines for her portrayal of Princess Diana on Season 4 of the hit Netflix drama. 

Both Styles and Corrin have been linked before, so naturally, fans across the globe are all asking the same thing:

Are Harry Styles and Emma Corrin dating?

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Harry Styles and Emma Corrin have been linked together before.

The pair reportedly met at one of Harry Styles’s gigs a year ago and have been friends ever since. They even have some mutual friends that run in similar circles, and share the same stylist.

“As well as having mutual friends, she has the same stylist as Harry, so it’s quite a nice link between them,” a source said

“They’re both private people so no one seems to realise they are actually mates,” the source added.

Some fans think they’re more than friends, though.

Ah yes, the age old question: can men and women ever be just friends?


In Styles and Corrin’s case, some fans don’t believe it.

“Harry Styles and Emma Corrin. I’m calling it now,” one fan tweeted.

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Another Twitter user wrote, "Also lowkey obsessed over the fact that emma corrin and harry styles follow each other on instagram, Interesting, keep it going you beautiful people," insinuating that the two actors would make likely make one cute — and stylish — pair.


However, a source insists the pair’s relationship is strictly platonic.

“There’s nothing romantic between Harry and Emma but they became friends because they know loads of the same people,” a source insisted.

“She is expecting her life to change dramatically when The Crown airs, because suddenly everyone will be interested in who she is, so it’s nice to have pals like Harry who know how to deal with fame,” the source added.

The Crown is Corrin’s first major acting gig, and given the popularity of the show, it’s just a matter of time before she skyrockets to fame.

Some Harry Styles and Emma Corrin fans are okay with that.

Fans of the two English actors seem to be okay with the fact that Styles and Corrin are reportedly just friends at the moment.


“Harry styles and emma corrin (the crown's princess diana) are friends and share a stylist so yes obviously we are gonna stan,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Will Harry Styles be on Season 4 of The Crown?

It’s obvious that Styles and Corrin have been spending time together amid her newfound fame, and some fans are questioning whether their close friendship could mean that Styles is taking his talents to the small screen on this season of The Crown.

“I know it’s so random for me to think but since harry styles is friends with emma corrin and he’s been helping her on how to handle fame as the crown season 4 is nearing its premiere, do you think harry is playing a character in the show???” one fan questioned.


You can now stream Season 4 of The Crown on Netflix on any device. 

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