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New Details About Sam Pepper, The YouTuber Who Took Out A Restraining Order Against Brandon Hampton

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Who Is Sam Pepper? New Details YouTuber Restraining Order Brandon Hampton

YouTuber Sam Pepper is one of the most controversial YouTube stars of all time. Unlike his typical stunts and pranks, he recently made headlines for a much more serious incident. 

Sam has been granted a restraining order against fellow streamer Brandon Hampton after claims that Hampton showed up to Sam's house and punched him in the face.

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This all started on Jan. 16, when Sam filed court documents seeking protection against Brandon, claiming him a "stalker." He reportedly said that Brandon will do crazier things if he does not receive protection because he has found Sam's home location. 

Sam also claims the reason Brandon punched him in the face was to make a video posted online for attention. And in latest attacks, turning up his home while videotaping and vandalizing his vehicle. The judge granted Sam's request and ordered Brandon to stay one hundred yards away from Same and his home

Who is Sam Pepper? We have all the latest details about the YouTuber and this latest incident.  

1. He was born in England.


A post shared by Sam Pepper (@sampepper) on Sep 3, 2018 at 3:03pm PDT

Sam was born on March 26, 1989, in Ashford, Kent. He has English and Greek descent. 

2. He has an actual degree. 

He graduated from Pent Valley Technology College.

3. Before Youtube, he was on television.

Big Brother

Before his career on Youtube, he was on season 11 of the UK version of Big Brother.

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4. He dated Bella Thorne.


Back in 2017, through two SnapChat posts of Bella and him holding hands and Bella looking in the mirror with captions "Hello, your so pretty. True."  However, they did not date for long.

Bella eventually moved on to rapper Mod Sun. 

5. There were other controversial moments in his life.

In late 2014, he received backlash after posting a prank video of him sexually assaulting a woman on camera, by touching them inappropriately and then pretending it wasn't him. 

And in November 2015, Sam uploaded a video of him in a mask kidnapping fellow YouTuber Sam Golbach in a trunk of a car with a bag over his head. The video shows that Golbach is forced to watch Sam shoot other YouTuber Colby Brock in the head, leaving Golbach into tears.

His viewers and the press did not receive the video well. In the British Metro compared the video to an "ISIS-style execution."

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