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90 Day Fiancé Season 6: Where Are The Couples Now?

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90 Day Fiancé Season 6: Where Are The Couples Now?

The Season 6 cast of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé has provided extensive drama both on screen and off. Fans have watched six couples break down cultural barriers to try and construct lasting relationships. Fans have also watched most of the members of this season’s cast go completely off the rails on social media.  Where are the couples from 90-Day Fiancé: Season 6 now?

While the current season is still airing, the fate of many of the couples has played out in real time on the Instagram and twitter feeds.

Who is still together, who is falling apart, and who has been arrested? Read on to find out more, but be aware, there are spoilers ahead. 

1. Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani and Asuelu met when Kalani visited Samoa on vacation. They two struck up a flirtation and over the course of several return visits and regular contact while they were apart, the two fell in love and had what they thought would be a short-term relationship. Then Kalani found herself pregnant. They decided to make a go of it and started the K1 visa process for Asuelu to come to the US.

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The major problem this pair faced was resistance from Kalani’s family. They were suspicious of his intentions and level of commitment. In particular, Kalani’s sister was angry at Asuelu’s history of cheating on Kalani. Kalani tried to minimize the situation and regain her sister’s trust.


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While the pair’s social media feeds show them still together right now, there was also a revelation from another woman who came forward to say she had been in a relationship with Asuelu while he was engaged to then-pregnant Kalani. Not only that, Kalani knew all about it. The woman provided screenshots to back up her claims.


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This romance is alive but their history is certainly not as simple as they pretend.

2. Jonathan and Fernanda

Jonathan also met his beloved on vacation. He saw Fernanda in a club in Mexico and fell for her despite a 12-year age difference and the distance between them. TV audiences have watched as they struggled to understand cultural differences and figure out how to blend their different values and different family relationships into a strong marriage.

Both of these two are avid Instagram users, often posting videos of themselves having fun and sharing shots from photoshoots they do. Nothing about their posts raised any alarms until one morning when Fernanda hit post on the wrong video. She shared a NSFW video of a fully naked Jonathan, shocking fans all over the internet.

The video was almost immediately removed and both Jonathan and Fernanda apologized. Since then, they have kept their posts G-rated and it’s obvious that they’re still together.


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3. Jay and Ashley​

Ashley and Jay are another vacation romance that turned serious. Ashley hooked up with Jay while attending a destination wedding in Jamaica. He contacted her afterwards and they enveloped real feelings for each other, despite a significant age gap. Jay moved from his sunny island to her Pennsylvania home in the middle of a snowstorm. The two began adjusting to the weather, living together, and some very negative responses to their relationship from friends and strangers alike.

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While audiences got to see an episode where someone started posting terrible racist remarks on their wedding website, what TLC didn’t show was a massive social media betrayal Ashley faced at the hands of her former friend Natalie. In retaliation for being cut out of Ashley’s life over her resistance to the relationship, Natalie started spilling all the secrets of Ashley’s past. While Ashley has nothing to be ashamed of, there are things she preferred to keep private such as a history of abuse with a former partner and a brutal assault she survived as a teen. Natalie leaked that information, leaving Ashley to explain to the public that she never intended to share such intimate details of her life.


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Despite all of this, the couple has only grown closer and there have been whispers that their planned Vegas wedding was followed by a celebration in Jamaica.

4. Olga and Steven

This young pair met when Olga was working in Ocean City, MD for the summer.  They had what they thought was a summer fling, until Olga got pregnant. They decided to have the baby, with Olga returning to her native Russia while they figured out the K1 process.

Audiences saw Olga deliver her son and the couple was joyful about his arrival. After that, things went downhill and their relationship became contentious. Steven was shows repeatedly yelling at Olga as she recovered from a c-section and cared for a newborn.


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Their K1 status was still in question during filming but apparently Olga has made it to the US. This week they announced they would be taking a break from social media. Apparently, a concerned fan called in a domestic violence alert on the couple and authorities showed up at Steven’s grandparents’ home, where they are staying. In order to protect their privacy moving forward, they are staying offline.

5. Colt and Larissa

Colt and Larissa started their romance on a dating site and got engaged the first time they met in person. Their relationship has hit one rough patch after another since Larissa arrived in Las Vegas from her home in Brazil. To begin with, there is significant tension between Larissa and Colt’s mother Debbie, with whom he shares a home. Larissa is also upset about the restrictions Colt places on her access to money: he shares a bank account with his mother, but not with his fiancee.

By mid-season, it was becoming clear that this couple were still together but it was not a happy arrangement. At one point, Larissa took to social media to complain about Colt flirting with other women online. That led to an altercation between the pair and Larissa ended up in jail on a domestic violence charge. Fans discovered she had a previous arrest for the same thing earlier in the year. She was cleared of charged in both cases.

In the past week, Larissa has escalated her online complaints about her mother in law. She said in her Instagram stories that Colt feels more married to his mother than to her. She claims Debbie has broken up her marriage. She posted — then deleted — a wedding photo of herself and Colt and said that her marriage is over and she is leaving social media.


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To complicate matters further, it looks like Larissa's claims about Colt flirting with other women online have some truth. After blaming Debbie for the break up of her marriage, she shared screenshots of Colt texting with other women, where he suggested he was going to leave Larissa. He was apparently also sending nude photos to at least one woman, who then told Larissa about it. 

This couple may technically be married at the moment, but it's questionable how long they'll stay that way. 

6. Eric and Leida​

There has never been a 90 Day couple that received the kind of negative attention that Eric and Leida have generated. The pair met online. Both are divorced and both have children. Leida claims to be a doctor and beauty pageant runner up from Indonesia, while Eric is a former Marine and current aviation industry professional. Leida is allegedly from a wealthy family, while Eric was living in far more modest circumstances, sharing an apartment in Wisconsin with his college-aged daughter.

The first hint that the blending of the families was not going to go smoothly was when Leida complained about Eric paying child support to his ex-wife. His youngest daughter is 11 and he is still responsible for sharing in her care. He claims to be committed to this and to care deeply about all three of his children, as well as Leida’s five-year-old son.


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Leida, however, does not share Eric’s love for his kids. She immediately objects to the state of the apartment he shares with daughter Tasha and demands she move out, blaming her entirely for the mess and the lack of space in the two bedroom apartment and the fact that all the furniture is inflatable. At no time does she ask Eric why he didn't prepare to welcome her and her son by finding appropriate housing or buying and real bed. She lays it all on his daughter. 

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She also continues to complain about the child support payments, despite Eric explaining that ceasing those payments would result in his loss of parental rights. Eric’s commitment to his kids, however, ends with the child support payments. He backs Leida when she forces an angry confrontation and kicks Tasha out of the apartment. Eric doesn't even have the courtesy to talk to Tasha in person, instead telling her to leave over speaker phone.


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As all of this unfolds on TV, fans have been responding to Leida’s many social media posts. She takes criticism personally and developed a habit of retaliating by re-posting private messages on Instagram, without hiding user information and adding insulting commentary to the posts. Users complained and she was suspended from Instagram for several days.

Meanwhile, Tasha has also been active online, sharing her side of the story. She claimed, and Eric confirmed, that the apartment had been hers in the first place and she had offered Eric a chance to move in when her previous roommates left. Eric, who had been voluntarily living in his car up until then, joined her at her invitation. Tasha also objected to Leida's interactions with her and her friends on Facebook, saying Leida shared Tasha's private medical information and harassed her friends. Tasha also revealed that her relationship with Leida and her father had deteriorated to the point that they are no longer in contact. He is also no longer in contact with his middle daughter. His ex-wife, with whom he had been cordial, is only speaking to him about their youngest daughter.


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Fans have continued to berate Leida for her atrocious treatment of Eric’s children, leading her to have a full meltdown on Instagram this week. Eric is sitting by her side, fully supporting her, making it clear that they are still together, even if he and his kids aren’t.


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It's unclear if any of these couples will be on future seasons of the 90 Day franchise, although Leida and Eric are saying they won't as of this writing. It's not even clear if any of them will remain married. Fans can keep watching the show and following cast social media accounts to keep up with the drama. 

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