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'Love Is Blind' Star SK Accused Of Cheating On Raven With Woman Who Shared Texts He Allegedly Sent Her

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SK, Raven, Love Is Blind

One of the fans' favorite couples from "Love Is Blind" season three is facing cheating allegations. Spoiler alert, because we will be revealing which couples are still together at the end of the show.

SK Alagbada is accused of cheating on Raven Ross after the popular show ceased filming.

While the two did not tie the knot on their wedding day in the season's penultimate episode, a reunion episode that aired on November 9 revealed that they were giving their relationship another shot.

“We’ve never been on this level in any other relationship,” Raven told hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey. “Nothing is perfect but we’ve grown so much from this experiment, first of all, from what we went through and from being apart. It makes it so much better when we’re together.”



However, the two could be in trouble amid claims that SK may have been in contact with another woman.

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Did SK cheat on Raven?

A woman on TikTok shared a story, along with some screenshots, that appears to prove that SK was using dating apps after he stopped filming the hit Netflix show.

The TikTok user, emmwho9, has since deleted her videos but fans were quick to record her posts.

“Put a finger down if you went on a date in April with a guy from Hinge and then you actually see he’s on the show ‘Love is Blind’ and that he met you after the show was filmed but is still with the same girl right now,” the user said.



SK appears to have gone on a date with another woman while allegedly dating Raven.

The receipts started to pile up in a separate TikTok posted by the same user, showcasing just some of the texts she allegedly got from SK. 



The texts showcase SK as more than eager to set up plans with the user, even asking her if she wants to go on a ramen date. 

Many fans had a lot to say about the rumors- including Raven herself. 

In a subtle shady TikTok post (which has since been deleted), Raven is shown asking for the receipts everybody else is showing. 

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Fans pointed out that this could’ve been when SK and Raven were on a break.

According to the timeline, season three of Love is Blind finished filming in the summer of 2021 but we don't technically know when SK and Raven reconciled.

Many fans remember the painful episode where SK told Raven no at the altar, essentially blowing up their relationship. 

The two had clearly reconciled by the reunion, which was filmed in the fall of 2022, but may not have been together when these alleged Hinge messages took place.

In an interview that aired on November 9, SK claimed the two are taking things slow right now.

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“We’re taking things like [a] day at a time, you know just working our way through things and I’m excited about the future,” SK said.  

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