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Are Jon And Fernanda From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

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Are Jon and Fernanda From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC tune in expecting to see drama. This season has had no shortage of dramatic moments, both on and off camera. For example, who could forget the social media storm the weekend Larissa was arrested for alleged domestic violence against her fiancé Colt?

Other couples seem like they would also be a great drama factory but it turns out that the storylines that look wild in previews fizzle when the full context is revealed. This has been the case with Jon, the 32-year-old realtor from North Carolina and Fernanda, his 19 year old fiancé from Mexico. There’s a lot of sizzle with these two but very little red meat when it comes to their storylines. And more importantly: Are Jon and Fernanda From 90-Day Fiancé still together?

Read on to find out more.

1. Rob the cradle

Jon tells the audiences he met Larissa while he was on vacation in Mexico. He was out at a club and saw her dancing and thought she was beautiful. It was only later that he realized that she was 12 years younger than he is. He claims he assumed she was over 21 when they met. He decided the age difference wasn’t a barrier to a relationship and she must have concurred because they pursued their long-distance romance.

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2. Sugar daddy

In his intro, Jon tells audiences how many things he’s bought for Fernanda, including college and breast implants. The skeeve factor on that confessional was really high — nobody likes seeing a grown man say the word “boobies" that way Jon did — but paying for things like school and housing for your fiance isn’t all that weird when you think about it.


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3. Social media deep dive

If you jump onto Jon’s Intsagram account, he has a number of pre-filiming post where he was visiting Fernanda. His captions are sappy to the point of sounding a little like the “No, you’re schmoopy!” episode of Seinfeld. Regardless, there appears to be a lot of genuine sentiment behind them. Fernanda changed Inst accounts at some point so we don't have access to her old posts but she appears to have been equally smitten from early on. 

4. The Thong Incident

Once Fernanda arrives in the US, things seem like they’re about to blow up for this couple when Fernanda finds a pair of women’s underwear in a  dresser drawer. She interrogates Jon about them and he confesses they probably belonged to a former girlfriend and he had no idea they were still in there. While the clips for that episode make Fernanda seem jealous and unreasonable, in fact, she has every right to be mad. No one wants to be confronted with their significant other’s romantic past and also? Jon needs to clean more regularly and get rid of stuff that’s been sitting around in his house.


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5. Political differences

Jon is eager to introduce Fernanda to his friends. They go to a dinner party at a friend’s house and topic turns to the political tensions between the US and Mexico. If anyone was holding their breath hoping for a “Build The Wall” moment, they were going to be disappointed. It turns out that the woman hosting the dinner party was running for judge as a Democrat and her father in law is a former Democratic Congressman. Whatever else Jon and his friends are, they probably aren’t going to be putting on MAGA hats anytime soon.


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6. Ballroom blitz

Fernanda has been understandably lonely since arriving in the US; she’s very close to her family and there was a scene where she was Skyping with her mom that left her and most of the audience in tears. Jon decided to take her to South Carolina for a romantic getaway, which was a nice gesture. They walked on the beach, enjoyed a seafood dinner then headed out to go dancing. Once they got to the club, things went sideways. A blonde woman, whom RealiTV Podcast host Jodie hilariously called “Myrtle Beach Holly Madison”, danced up on Jon while Fernanda was in the restroom. Jon tried ineffectually to extricate himself but Fernanda returned and started tossing drinks and insults, before storming out of the club. This looked like the age and maturity gap coming to a head in the form out a fit of childish jealousy but I’m not so sure it wasn’t staged by producers. Let’s face it, if you’re dancing in a crowd club with a full camera crew following your every move, everyone in the room has already noticed you and no interactions will be normal. The chances that Myrtle Beach Holly Madison didn’t already know Jon was with someone is zero and she doubtless had to sign a release to be filmed. This smells like a set-up and it’s rotten to make Fernanda look like the jerk.


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7. Family ties

While Fernanda is close to her family, Jon is not with his. Tensions rose before introducing Fernanda to his mom, with Fernanda saying that she might not go through with the wedding if Jon’s family was hostile to her. That’s not an unreasonable thought process. Committing to a family that doesn’t like you isn’t a comfortable prospect. Ultimately, however, Jon’s mom didn't have a problem with Fernanda as a person — just with her being so young and them rushing to get married.


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8. What now? Spoilers

If you scour the reality TV gossip sites, there’s not a lot on Jon and Fernanda, because they’re basically just a couple who are legitimately in love. Their real lives are pretty drama-free. They both post a lot on instagram and most of the posts are of the two of them doing fun things together. They travel, go to the gym, listen to music in the car, and cook food. Fernanda has a partnership deal with a company that sells pashminas and she has a lot of glamorous photos of herself strategically wearing them. Basically, these are two very pretty people who seem to really love each other.

The season of 90 Day Fiancé is still airing so stay tuned to find out what happens with Jon and Fernanda.

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