Are Ashley And Jay From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

Are American Ashley and Jamaican Jay still together?

Are Ashley and Jay From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?Ashley and Jay tlc

The current season of 90 Day Fiancé features a lot of couples with significant age differences. The age ranges run from just a couple of years to the 11 year split between American Ashley and her Jamaican fiancé Jay. At just 20 years old, Jay has signed on for a life in America with Ashley and her two kids. But questions remain about whether he is mature enough to be a husband and father figure. Are Ashley and Jay from 90-Day Fiancé Still together?


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There are other obstacles facing the couple, including Jay trying to find his footing as a Black man in Ashley’s majority-white community.

Are these two still together? Read on to learn more.


1. Vacation Fling

This couple met while Ashley was attending a destination wedding in Jamaica. The two met at a bar and had a quick fling before Ashley flew home. She didn’t mean to keep up with him after that but he found her on social media and started messaging her. The two became close that way and six months later she made a return trip to visit him. At that time he proposed and they started the K1 visa process so that he could live in the US.

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2. Family ties

Jay reveals that his mother has lived in the United States for a while and he has always dreamed of doing the same. His father is still in Jamaica and while they are close, Jay has no qualms about moving away.


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3. Player

Jay admits to being a ladies' man. He and his father both have reputations for getting around. His reputation has led to some concern among Ashley’s friends. One friend named Natalie actually accused Jay of cheating. Ashley adopted a “what happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica” attitude but says that once he’s in the US, he needs to be faithful. She even goes to as far as as to interrogate him about his contacts with people back in Jamaica and whether he’s talking to other women.



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4. Runaway Bride

Ashley doesn’t come without a complicated relationship past of her own. She reveled that she’s been engaged two other times and walked away at the last minute. She even admits that in one case, she had already paid $60,000 toward a wedding before canceling it. In addition to her past relationships, Ashley has revealed that she has lupus, which causes significant health issues. She also has a history of abuse and was assaulted when she was young


5. Stepdad

Early in the season Ashley mentioned having two children. She gives no other information about them. When asked about the on social media, she confirmed that she never posts about them and it deliberately keeping them off TV to protect their privacy. No one can criticize that choice. She has also told social media followers that she cannot have any more children so being a stepdad will likely be Jay’s only option for parenthood.



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6. Culture shock

Ashley admits that her community in Pennsylvania is majority white. This is a source of some discomfort for Jay and he admits to feeling conspicuous and uncomfortable. In one episode, he found a black-owned barbershop to get a haircut and bond with other black men. They guys there gave him a lot of marriage advice and led him to admit that while he loves Ashley, he wouldn’t marry her if there was a way for him to stay in the US without doing so.


What now and spoilers

Despite all of the adjustments these two need to make to live comfortably with each other, it seems like they’re going strong. Starcasm reports that they tied the knot back in May.


What does their actual journey to the altar look like? Keep watching to see.

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