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Are Leida And Eric From '90-Day Fiancé' Still Together?

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Are Leida and Eric From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

The couples on TLC’s hit show 90 Day Fiancé often still have a lot of learn about each other, even after they have decided to get married. The long-distance relationships they had prior to filming allow them to gloss over details of their lives. However, once they are in the same country and living together, everything comes out in the open.

This season, audiences have watched Eric and Leida grapple with a number of surprises.  The divorced dad of three met his Indonesian bride online and they fell in love long-distance. But now that she’s moved to the US, things are more complicated for them. How will they blend their families? Are Leida and Eric From 90-Day Fiancé still together?

What is happening with this couple? Read on to learn more.

1. Last chance

Eric introduces himself as a former Marine, who is divorced with three kids. He claims that dating in America didn’t work out for him and he was ready to give it all up and go fight ISIS in Syria instead. But as a last ditch attempt to find love, he took out an ad on an international dating site.


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2. Too good to be true?

Leida spotted Eric’s ad and introduced herself. She told him she had medical training, she was a former Indonesian beauty pageant winner, and came from a very wealthy family in Jakarta. Fearing a catfish situation, Eric did some more research and discovered that her story was on the up and up. He decided to pursue the relationship.

3. Parenting

One thing Eric and Leida have in common is that they're both parents. Eric has three daughters in their teens. One lives with him and the other two live with their mom, with whom he has a cordial relationship, although Leida seems to object to how Eric manages relations with his ex and kids. Leida has a five-year-old son. She doesn’t share any information about his father at all but, whomever he is, he isn’t an obstacle to moving the boy to the US.


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4. Family pressure

While Leida’s ex doesn’t pose a problem in her move to America with her child, her parents and siblings might. They are all concerned that Eric’s standard of living won’t measure up to Leida’s expectations. They all accompany her to the US to see where she is going to live, with the idea that if they don’t approve they can somehow compel her to return to Indonesia with them.


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5. Disappointment

Leida and family have a understandably adverse reaction to Eric’s apartment once they see it. Not only does it not live up to the luxurious standards they are used to, it’s also filthy because Eric and his teenage daughter appear to be terrible housekeepers. The place isn’t even fully furnished — most of the furniture is inflatable. Even the bed in Eric's room is inflatable, and also appears to be too small for two people. Leida is understandably concerned that her future husband didn't seem to know he needed to buy a bigger mattress before moving her in to his apartment. 


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6. Conflict and Spoilers

Leida is inclined to blame the housing issues on Eric’s daughter and wants her to move out. Additionally, she is quite distressed to learn that Eric pays child support to his ex-wife and tries to figure out if he can cut off those payments. While it’s not clear if she can change the legal requirement to pay for the care of his children, Leida has said recently on her Instagram stories that Eric has cut off contact with the mother of his children and with the daughter who had previously been living with him. Meanwhile, she has had her own ex-mother-in-law visiting her and Eric in Wisconsin, so her standards for family relationships are flexible, to say the least. 


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7. Social Media Frenzy

Leida is an avid user of Instagram and has not taken well to the criticism she’s gotten from fans and accounts that follow the show. She is often online putting her critics on blast. This combined with her dismissive attitude toward Eric’s kids has made her less than a fan favorite this season.

8. What now?

While the season of the show is ongoing and we haven’t seen a wedding yet, it’s pretty clear Leida is still in the US. After a bout of particularly negative comments, Eric felt threatened enough to pose on Instagram with his gun prominently featured, presumably as a warning to anyone who has a problem with him and Leida. That’s one way to show his love.

Will this couple make it over the long haul and will Eric’s relationship with his kids survive his relationship with their future stepmom? Tune in to see.

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