Are Kalani And Asuelu From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

California girl Kalani met the love of her life in Samoa. Are they still together?

Are Kalani and Asuelu From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together? tlc

Are Kalani and Asuelu From 90-Day Fiancé still together? Fans of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC tune in to the show to watch the exploits of international couples trying to overcome cultural differences and get themselves married before a K1 visa — or fiancé visa — expires. It’s not unusual for members of a couple to have to spend a lot of time explaining the different expectations they each bring to the relationship. 


This season, we have a couple who should have an easier time of it than most. Asuelu is from Samoa and his fiancé Kalani is born and raised in California but her dad is Samoan himself. Does this make for a match made in reality tv heaven? Read on to find out.


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1. First comes baby, then comes love

Kalani opens the season by telling audiences that she grew up a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her mother is from the US but her dad is from Samoa and they all live in California. She followed her church’s teachings on relationships for the most part but then she met Asuelu. The two met and fell for each other while she was in Samoa on vacation. She decided to become intimate with him …and got pregnant. Little Oliver was born 9 months later.

2. Rocky road

The distance and the awkward start to a lifetime commitment of parenting led these tow to have some trouble deciding where to take their relationship. Kalani describes some off again, on again action between the two of them, which is natural all things considered. Only Kalani didn’t tell her family the entire truth and now they think Asuelu has cheated on her in the past, when in fact they were on a break.



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3. Family

Speaking of Kalani’s family, they are extremely close. Kalani and her sister Kolini share a condo and Kolini has helped kalani with her baby his entire life. She has a deep disapproval of Kalani’s plan to marry Asuelu due to her percetion that Asuelu cheated. As for Kalani’s parents, her father dislikes Asuelu because he’s Samoan. Yes, Kalani’s Samoan-born father has a problem with his half-Samoan daughter marrying the Samoan father of her 3/4 Samoan son.



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4. Dramatic entrance

Walking into this situation is Asuelu, who has been living a much simpler life on Samoa than any of Kalani’s family in the US. He describes gathering coconuts and living in a home with no walls before coming to the US. When he arrives at LAX, he immediately strips down to a traditional Samoan outfit and does a dance for Kalani, right in the middle of the airport.



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5. Different Strokes

It becomes clear that Asuelu has not been fully educated about life in America. He’s overwhelmed by the size of buildings and the speed limit on the roads — Samoan speed limits top out at 25 mph. He has no idea about basic baby care, much less America style baby gear like car seats and swings. Kalani’s frustration with his cavalier treatment of their son grows as he series goes on.



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6. Showdown

One of the most important things to Kalani is to make sure Asuelu and her family reconcile their differences. She subjects him to a number of family gatherings where her father and her sister may their resistance to the match clear. Asualu, to his credit, responds respectfully and tells them that he wants what’s best for Kalani and Oliver.


7. Fresh start

Because Kalani quit her job prior to Asuelu coming to the states and burned through her savings paying for the visa process, they need to find a new, more affordable place to live. The pair decides to move to Utah, where Kalani’s parents own a second home. They’ll be sharing the home with her brother who greets Asuelu with a condom, thus creating one of the greatest moments in the history of this reality franchise.



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8. Spoiler: Where are they now?

The season isn’t over so we haven’t seen this pair walk down the aisle yet. But over the weekend, Kalani posted a photo of Asuelu’s newest tattoo. It says “Kalani - Oliver” so it seems like their commitment is still strong.

Keep watching TLC for more 90 Day Fiancé drama.


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