The 6 Most Flexible Zodiac Signs Who Go With The Flow

Change is their middle name.

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Let's face it: some of us go with the flow, and some of us are like that toddler in the mall: down on the ground and not budging, no matter how many people get annoyed with us! It's just one of those things.

People are different, and they are completely different when it comes to being versatile, spontaneous or just plain ol' open to change. Even if that change means getting off the couch and moving to another room. Luckily, thanks to astrology and horoscopes, we can get a better idea about why we aren't so apt to change.


Of course, being one of the versatile zodiac signs depends on certain things: 1) Are you into the thing that beckons your flexibility? and 2) Are you too lazy to actually put your money where your mouth is?

You see, being flexible is a very life-affirming thing — you're ready, you're up, you're willing — and the number one thing that stops flexibility from happening is laziness. The lazy win the couch, but that's the only prize.


So, how open are you to new suggestions and new ideas? Are you someone who rolls with change, or are you someone who backs off for fear of getting involved in something that might take too much out of you? If you're one of these versatile zodiac signs, you may be one of the folks we could consider "very flexible."

1. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Interestingly enough, Aquarians are very flexible and open to trying new things, as long as they are given a choice. Choice is very important to Aquarius, and they will happily rearrange their schedule to make room for something that requires flexibility, as long as it's an option and not mandatory.


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2. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

The thing with Pisces is that they don't like to be excluded, so they go out of their way to be flexible and open to new ideas. Social creatures, Pisces wants to try new things with new people, and they are quite capable of rolling with the punches. It's fun and it requires flexibility — Pisces is all there.


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3. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

With the word "stubborn" as their defining word, one wouldn't automatically think Taureans are flexible, but oh, they are indeed. It's that Taurus friend of yours that will be the first one to try that new "thing," and should that not work out, they'll be the first one to try that second "thing" Yep, that's how they roll: ready for the world, leaving their stubborn nature at home.


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4. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Oh, this sign of the zodiac might have a nice long think about it before they plunge headlong into some new or uncharted waters, but do not think for a second that Gemini will stay too long in that infamous indecision of theirs.


They WANT to be involved in almost everything, and they are fully aware that it takes nerve and spontaneous action to get what they want. They are flexible!

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5. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

You'd think Virgo would be happy on the couch, doing nothing, watching TV, hating you for all you're worth, and judging everything for the garbage they know the world to be. Alas, Virgo is so much more the go-getting flexible maniac than we give them credit for.


Here's the thing: they can't just sit around judging the world, alone on their couch; they need fresh material! And for this, they will flex their adventure muscles and journey out into the world.

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6. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)



Scorpio is open and flexible because they grow bored so quickly that they need stimuli at a rapid pace. They are willing to meet new people and do new things, and being flexible is what they are all about.

Nothing is worse than boredom to Scorpio, and they know all too well that if they want action, it's up to them to go GET action.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.