What's Going On For Real Behind The Rumors That Drake & Blac Chyna Are Dating?

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Is Drake Dating Blac Chyna? Photos, Video & Social Media Posts Explaining Rumors Of The 'Celebrity Couple'

We are shook.

Just when we thought Drake, 31, was holding out for Keke and that Blac Chyna, 29, had moved on to her next younger man, it seems like the two might have found something in each other and could be on their way to being the latest celebrity couple.

So now we all want to know, is Drake dating Blac Chyna ... or not?

The rapper and the model infamously known for being Rob Kardashian's baby mama were spotted getting cozy at a party in a Hollywood club called The Nice Guy in the early hours of July 17, and after which reports surfaced that the two were seen leaving the club together around 5:00 a.m.

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Though Chyna tried to hide her face from the paparazzi, a few shots offer a good enough glimpse to see it was her.

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While it's not 100% clear if Drake and Chyna actually got romantic that night, sources say they spent the entire evening hanging out and talking in the VIP section.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Chyna and Drake have been linked together. He even rapped about her in his 2010 song, "Miss Me," mentioning her in these lyrics:

"Call the King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it'd be worth the flight."

Chyna was so pleased she even confirmed this detail on Twitter.

During his feud with her ex and second baby daddy, Tyga, 28, Drake even liked a few of Chyna's photos on Instagram.

Back in 2014, the rapper even told all of Twitter he "smashed" the model in tweet directed at Tyga.

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In the midst of that famous feud, Chyna posted — and then quickly deleted — this selfie in lingerie, in which she tagged Drake (aka ChampangePapi) and captioned her post: "Miss Me....#neverforget."

Followed, of course, by a kiss emoji.

Last night was the first time in over three years that they've been seen out together.

Of course, Drake and Chyna have yet to comment on their rumored romance, and both seem to be linked to new people every day.

However, considering their past together and how they teamed up during the beef with Tyga, it wouldn't be a huge shock if it turns out they did, in fact, get together.

Sadly, Gossip Cop reports that the rumor isn't true and the two are definitely NOT dating.

In reality, they say, Drake was seen and photographed leaving the West Hollywood lounge around 5:00 in the morning ...

 Photo credit: MTO

Chyna also left shortly after ...

Photo credit: MTO

And the two drove away in separate cars, as captured in this video.

While they have known each other for a long time, their relationship is believed by most to be strictly platonic.

A spokesperson for Drake declined to comment, but one of his "confidantes" said off the record that the rumor was "B.S."

Chyna's rep has yet to respond.

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