If You Have These 8 Unique Personality Traits, You're An Indigo Humanist

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If You Have These 8 Unique Personality Traits, You're An Indigo Humanist

We all want to know where we fit into this crazy, messed up world. So, it’s not too surprising that people latch onto things like religion, astrology, or the idea of “indigo children.” We just want our quirks explained and to feel special and loved for who we are.

The idea of indigo children has been around for more than forty years, but it’s still being expanded on more and more. Perhaps it’s officially time to find out if this is a category you fit into. First, let’s get our definitions out of the way:

What is an indigo child?

Indigo children are children that are thought to have unique (sometimes bordering on supernatural) abilities.

The concept of “indigo children” was developed by Nancy Ann Tappe in the 1970’s. Tappe later went on to write Understanding Your Life Thru Color, which introduced the idea of “life colors,” which is basically the theory that everyone’s aura has a color that is present throughout their whole life.

In 2011, Tappe went on to write a book entitled Indigos: The Quiet Storm, which delved even deeper into the lives of indigos today. This book dedicates a chapter to each different “type” of indigo (humanists, artists, conceptualists, and catalysts).

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What is an indigo humanist?

According to Dictionary.com, a humanist is “a person having a strong interest in or concern for human welfare, values, and dignity.” But when you combine a humanist with an indigo personality, you get something quite special.

The indigo humanist is “here to globalize humanity through technology and communications.”  But, it’s not necessarily that simple — indigo humanists are unique with differentiating personality traits.

Check out the 8 unique characteristics of humanist indigos and see if you fit the picture!

1. Casual

Humanist indigos tend to prefer to keep things informal and casual (especially socially).

2. Great communicator

The humanist indigos are incredibly social people. In fact, this is where they thrive. They love to hang out with their friends and can talk to anyone about any topic.

3. See yourself through others

Indigo humanists tend to be so social that they tend to form their viewpoints about who they are as people based on the way other people see them (particularly their friends and family).

4. Process information super fast

Indigo humanists tend to process information WAY faster than others. Think about how fast it is to send out a Tweet or to share an interesting article on Facebook — more often than not they are communicating in real life as they are also maintaining an online presence.

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5. Consistently physically active

Whether it’s a regular exercise routine or their general energetic enthusiasm for life, the humanist indigos are a very active personality type that is always physically moving in one way or another.

6. Talk with people instead of going to therapy

While most of the population might prefer seeing a therapist about their problems, the humanist indigos tend to prefer to hash things out by talking it through with people (probably even lots of people). When not discussing a life problem, they find stress relief and coping to be easier while hanging around people they are close to.

7. Good-natured and fun to be with

The humanist indigo is the type to love being with a close-knit group of friends. They enjoy good-natured teasing, fun activities, and just hanging out and drinking coffee.

8. Creative

True invention cannot be put on a time frame. The humanist indigo knows this and resents it when deadlines are put on them (especially since deadlines tend to create long hours, which they also hate). However, if the deadline is out on a project where they can work with their friends, an indigo humanist can get on board with it.

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