Are Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Feuding? New Details On Why They're Fighting Over Kylie's Forbes Cover

Are Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Feuding?

There's nearly a billion reasons why.

This morning, Forbes named Kylie Jenner the 27th richest woman in the world. They estimate her net worth at a stunning $900 million — with most of that made over the last three years. That's quite a bit more than Kylie's big sister Kim Kardashian West's net worth of $350 million. Is this causing a rift between the famous sisters? Are Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner feuding over her Forbes cover?

1. Kylie the billionaire

The Forbes article estimated that 20-year-old Kylie Jenner could become a billionaire later this year if sales of Kylie Cosmetics continue to grow. This would make her the youngest self-made (we use that term lightly because let's face it, she was born wealthy, has been famous all her life, and has Kris Jenner for a mom) billionaire in history. That could turn Kim Kardashian West a little green with envy. 

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2. Competing makeup lines

Kim launched KKW Cosmetics after seeing how successful Kylie Cosmetics was. The 37-year-old is expanding her makeup line rapidly in an effort to compete with her younger sister. 

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3. Kim congratulated Kylie

To be fair, Kim did congratulate Kylie on her Forbes cover, not once, but twice. In her first Tweet, Kim said: "Congrats @KylieJenner!" In her second, she reposted the cover of the magazine again and captioned it: "Wait I'm posting this again just because!!! BILLION DOLLAR BABY!"

4. Was it genuine?

Kim may have congratulated her little sister twice but also, isn't that what she's expected to do? A source told Radar, “Kim may have congratulated Kylie on social media for the cover but inside she is fuming over this. Kim cannot believe that Kylie did in three years what she has not done in her entire life so far. She even told her family that she created Kylie and that she would be nothing without her.”

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5. Even Forbes threw shade at Kim

Forbes threw some serious shade at Kim, writing :“What her half-sister Kim Kardashian West did for booty, Jenner has done for full lips. Like Kardashian West, she has leveraged her assets to gain both fame and money. But while her sister is best-known for the former, Jenner has proved adept at the latter. In historic fashion.” OUCH. 

6. Sisterly competition?

Kim is 17 years older than Kylie. Their "feud" allegedly started about five years ago when Kylie started copying Kim's fashion choices, which is pretty normal for a younger sister. But you can also see how Kim's launch for KKW would rub Kylie wrong. After all, she launched Kylie Cosmetics first. 

7. They are family

It could be, though, that the Internet is simply drumming up drama for drama's sake. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened. Sure, Kim and Kylie both have makeup lines. They both have apps. They occasionally dress alike. They are both reality TV and social media starts. They both have kids with rappers. They have a lot in common — but of course they do, they're sisters. 

8. Is Kylie really a billionaire?

Well...let's put it this way. Forbes tried really hard to explain how Kylie could soon be a billionaire, but their math is likely off. They have to sell magazines, after all, and Karadashians sell. Celebrity Net Worth laid out a good argument for why this claim is false. For Kylie to be nearly a billionaire, Kylie Cosmetics would have to be valued at $800 million —something Forbes could not verify.

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