Is Selena Gomez Dating Caleb Stevens? New Details On Their Rumored Secret Relationship

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is Selena Gomez dating Caleb Stevens?

He's the brother of one of her best friends.

With Justin Bieber announcing his engagement to Hailey Baldwin over the weekend, many of us have been wondering how Selena Gomez is handling the news. In case you’ve lived under a rock for the last few years, Justin and Selena were Hollywood’s young on-again/off-again couple, dubbed “Jelena” by fans.

Good news: It seems like the singer is quite alright and has already moved on. She’s probably used to heartbreak anyway, right? But is Selena Gomez dating Caleb Stevens, the brother of one of her best friends?

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If you remember, Selena and Justin began dating in December 2010, separated in November 2012, reconciled a few weeks later and then split again in January 2013, got back together for a few months in 2013, 2014, and 2015, started dating again in late 2017 and officially broke up again in March 2018.

In between her romance with Justin, she was linked to The Weeknd, who she dated from January to October 2017.

On the exact same day Justin announced his engagement, Selena was spotted out in New York City with a cute new guy, now revealed to be Caleb Stevens. He is the brother of one of her closest friends, Raquelle Stevens.

The two, along with their friends, were hanging out on a yacht that was headed to Coney Island for the day. In her Instagram posts, she was lounging on the yacht; Caleb also posted a video on his Instagram story from the boat.

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This isn’t the first time the two have been spotted together. Back in May, she was a surprise guest at a Taylor Swift concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, and was then seen leaving the venue with Caleb. Raquelle and some of their other friends were there too, of course.

So, are the two just friends or something more? We have yet to see them out and about with just the two of them. But who knows? She could use a friend right now, especially since hearing about her ex’s engagement.

Yes, she looks happy and put-together on the outside but according to a source, she was shocked to hear of Justin's proposal to Hailey Baldwin. “She honestly can’t believe it. Selena didn’t think they were even that serious, so the thought of them getting married is just mind-boggling to her,” the source revealed.

For now, it’s probably best for her to focus on her career, and she has her friends supporting her the entire way.

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