Is Tiny Secretly Dating Floyd Mayweather? New Details About How She Snuck Out To Vegas To See Him Amidst Her Fight With T.I.

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Did Floyd Mayweather Really Date Tiny? Details Tiny And T.I.'s Fight Over Her Alleged Affair

Is she getting back at T.I.?

T.I. might be slapping booties but he isn't the only one in his marriage to have a rumored side piece. 

Tiny might be getting back at her husband for his latest cheating scandal by hitting up Sin City with Floyd Mayweather while T.I. was attending the BET awards.

"When Tip arrived in LA for the BET awards, she bounced," a source close to Tiny told Hollywood Life. “She let Tip wonder if she was there to hang out with Floyd (Mayweather), she definitely left him with questions about that.”

T.I. has been in the spotlight for slapping Greenleaf actress Asia'h Epperson's booty earlier this month in a video obtained by The Shade Room, which stirred up a lot of issues in his marriage. He and Tiny exchanged posts about it but it's still unclear if he cheated on her with Asia'h. 

What does seem clear is Tiny's determination to live her life. 

Rumor has it she flew out to Las Vegas to meet up with Mayweather but a source confirmed she was there for a bachelorette party, not a quickie.

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“She was there for a bachelorette party, not to see Floyd,” a source explained to Hollywood Life.

That doesn't mean she didn't keep T.I. guessing! After all, T.I. and Mayweather's feud goes way back.

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Over the years the two have gotten into it over Tiny and now she's using it to get back at her hubby for touching another woman.

The ongoing feud began back in 2014 when the rapper got into a fight with Mayweather. At a press conference just months later Mayweather claimed he slept with Tiny, which he later denied saying.

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Mayweather seems to be an issue throughout their relationship, though Tiny denied she has ever been more than friends with the boxer.

“He’s a nice looking man but it’s never been anything more than a friendship,” Tiny said.

That doesn't mean Mayweather hasn't been leverage for Tiny.

“Tiny knows how to push all of T.I.’s buttons, and she loves to wind him up — she also made a big thing about how she was watching the Floyd Mayweather fight and cheering him on, which really pissed off Tip because there’s always been a thing between Tiny and Floyd," an insider explained to Hollywood Life." She’s enjoying playing with Tip right now and giving him a taste of his own medicine.”

Tiny may not have made any plans to see Mayweather yet, but she has hit him up since her butt-slapping husband posted that marriage was a distraction.

Tiny and Mayweather “started talking again,” a source spilled to Hollywood Life. “They haven’t made plans to see each other or anything but Tiny likes knowing she has that in the pocket, it feels good.”

T.I. and Tiny filed for divorce in December but technically they're still married. 

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