Why New Sources Claim Tom Cruise Is Planning A Secret Meeting To See Daughter Suri Again After 5 Years

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Why Hasn't Tom Cruise Seen Suri? Details Secret Meeting See Daughter Despite Scientology Rules

He still has to convince Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise might finally be ready to see his daughter. 

Rumor has it that the 55-year-old actor hasn't seen Suri Cruise, 12, in over five years. Well, 1,925 days to be exact. 

A new report from Star claims that Tom is currently devising a plan to see the child he shares with ex-wife Katie Holmes, 39. 

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“Tom is a loyal Scientologist, so when church leaders told him he couldn’t see Suri, he didn’t question it,” an insider allegedly said.

“But Tom’s tired of being bossed around by them. He’s had to watch from afar as Suri grew into a lovely young lady, and he regrets that he’s missed out on so much. He’s dying to be a part of her life!”

It was apparently Suri's 12th birthday that really triggered Tom and made him realize too much time had passed. 

"That really tugged at Tom’s heartstrings,” the source said. “It hit him that he hasn’t been there to watch Suri blow out the candles for five years.

"That’s when he started rounding up his lawyers to find a way to see her again.”

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If Tom really wants to make the meeting happen, he'll reportedly have to get the approval not only from the Church of Scientology but from Katie as well. 

“Given the enormous star power he brings to the church, he’s got a lot of leverage there,” the source added. It's Katie that'll be the issue.

“The word is that when she got divorced, she agreed to stay mum about the church as long as Tom didn’t try to see Suri — she didn’t want him trying to brainwash her back into the fold.”

Sources say Katie is not a fan of the idea of Suri and Tom reuniting. 

“She went berserk when she first learned about Tom’s plans to meet up with Suri,” the source said. “But she’s slowly warming up to the idea of a reunion."

'Suri must desperately be missing her dad, and in the end, Katie only wants what’s best for her. Tom has assured her he won’t bring his religion into it, and Katie is starting to believe him.”

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