9 Questionable Details About Bella Hadid And The Weeknd's Relationship, Including How Gigi Hadid Feels About Their Rekindled Romance

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9 Questionable Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Relationship Timeline & Details

Are they or aren't they back together? It's hard to keep track!

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd sure like to keep us guessing. Are they together? No, they're not — they just broke up. But wait, that Instagram post is giving us major couple vibes!

Since the supermodel and the singer first got together back in 2015, they've been a very popular couple and this is mostly due to their constant on-and-off relationship status. They've been off-again/on-again faster than you can probably say the name of The Weeknd's latest album.

However, there are other things about the couple beside their infamous breakups and make-ups that make us want to scratch our heads in confusion, such as that one time The Weeknd got with Selena Gomez during one of their breaks — you remember that, don't you? They're also known for having what's probably the most epic "I ran into my ex" stories ever. 

So let's break it down then! Here are the rather questionable details surrounding Bella Hadid and The Weeknd's relationship.

1. Did The Weeknd ever love Bella?

Especially The Weeknd. Although the pair were seen together going on double dates with Bella's sister, Gigi and also went to Coachella together in April 2015, the singer still kept fans on their toes by sending out puzzling tweets about love and giving indecisive answers about Bella in interviews. Asked if he was in love, he replied: ‘‘I don’t know, to be honest with you. I don’t think so. Maybe. It’s no, it’s yes, it’s maybe.’’ 

2. Bella appeared in one of The Weeknd's music videos.

In December 2015, The Weeknd released a music video for his song, "In The Night" in which Bella could be seen for a few seconds on the back of the singer's motorcycle. And they continued to be seen out on double dates with Bella's sister. Yet despite all of this, the supermodel and the singer had never actually confirmed a relationship.

3. They spent the holidays apart.

A post shared by YOLANDA (@yolanda.hadid) on Dec 25, 2015 at 11:10am PST

The end of 2015 saw the first signs of a possible breakup between the secretive couple. An Instagram post from Bella's mother, Yolanda, seemed to confirm that the supermodel and the singer were no longer together since The Weeknd was noticeably absent from the holiday photo. 

At the end of December, sources had validated the rumors. "Bella and The Weeknd have taken a break," one of the sources told E! News. "Their schedules got very busy and it really cut into their relationship. They are still in each other's lives though, just not in the same exclusive capacity."

4. Bella and The Weeknd got back together in August 2016.

Bella and The Weeknd decide to give it another try in 2016 and this time, they're more open about their relationship. In an interview, Bella noted how proud she was of The Weeknd and that they were so close that she saw him as "Abel" — the singer's real name — instead of The Weeknd. "I’m dating Abel. I don’t see him as the Weeknd. I’m proud of the Weeknd and the music he makes, but I really love Abel," Bella told Glamour. Bella even referred to him as "her boyfriend" in the interview, which seemed like a huge step for the normally tight-lipped couple.

5. The Weeknd dated Selena Gomez.

After a few love-struck months together, Bella and The Weeknd broke up once again in November 2016. The pair blamed it on conflicting schedules and the upcoming release of The Weeknd's new album.

However, only two months later it seemed as though the singer had already moved on. And not just with anyone, but with fellow hit-maker Selena Gomez. The Weeknd and Gomez were seen kissing at a restaurant in Santa Monica in January 2017. Although Bella and Selena had been friends in the past, this prompted the model to quickly stop following Gomez on Instagram which fans immediately noticed. However, at the time a source told Us Weekly that Bella and Selena were never really friends to begin with. According to the source, "Selena is not good friends with either Gigi or Bella," even though they did run in the same friend group (also known as Taylor Swift's infamous girl squad). "She knows them through other people, but they are just acquaintances. She is friendly with them, but not friends with them."

6. Bella may have moved on herself with Drake during the breakup.

A few months after the love triangle lit up social media, Bella seemed to be getting cozy with another famous music star. The model had gotten close with rapper Drake and the two even planned to spend her 21st birthday together. However, this started a rift between Drake and Bella's former beau. “They both hang in the same Toronto crew and now they’re having to pick sides. The Weeknd performed and people on Drake’s side were like, ‘I can’t show up to that...Got to have allegiance,’” an insider said. “They aren’t getting along right now...The groups are beefing because [Drake] broke the bro code. They 100 percent hooked up.”

Although The Weeknd and Selena were still a couple during this time, the singer seemed to still be harboring a flame for his supermodel ex.

7. Bella and The Weeknd reunited after his breakup with Selena.

In November 2017, The Weeknd is seen leaving Bella's apartment just a month after his breakup with Selena, sparking the question as to whether or not the couple was back on. They were allegedly seen once again at Coachella in 2018 kissing, though Bella denied it on Instagram saying that "it wasn't me."

The pair are spotted once again in May 2018 in Cannes at a party, and this time it is confirmed to be them as there are photos of the two kissing. The Weeknd also posts some Instagram photos in which clearly look like Bella's hands are in them. And most recently this month, the pair were seen walking with their arms around each other in Paris.

Of course neither has actually confirmed the relationship, but well, you can do the math. 

8. Is Selena still causing problems for the couple?

Once news of Bella and The Weeknd's rekindled romance spread, Selena reportedly reached out to Bella telling her to stay away from the singer. She allegedly warned Bella about him, saying that he was using her and trying to pit the two women against each other. “He says he wants her back, calling her up at all hours, and then she hears he’s kissing Bella 6,000 miles away in Cannes,” a source said about the love triangle. However, there was never any concrete evidence of Selena contacting Bella about her relationship with The Weeknd.

Unfortunately, Selena's inclusion in Bella and The Weeknd's relationship wasn't over. Bella also reportedly found old photos of the pop singer on The Weeknd's phone and urged him to delete them. This alleged conflict over Selena happened right before Bella and The Weeknd were spotted in Cannes.

9. Gigi Hadid doesn't approve of Bella and The Weeknd's relationship.

In June 2018, a source told Hollywood Life that the relationship between Bella and The Weekend was causing some trouble between Bella and her sister Gigi. “Bella has finally managed to convince (mom) Yolanda to forgive Abel and accept that he’s back in her life and that’s a huge, huge relief. Unfortunately, she’s having a harder time getting Gigi’s blessing, she’s still not convinced that he deserves another chance and neither is Bella’s dad,” the insider told Hollywood Life. “It’s turning into something of a battle, but Bella isn’t giving up, she’s determined to fix it. She wants to arrange a big sit down with Abel and her entire family so they can all hash this out and make peace. Bella’s got big hopes for her future with Abel, that’s why this is so important to her.”

Although all signs point to Bella Hadid and The Weeknd becoming a couple once again, we'll probably never actually know for sure. Their relationship status is bound to stay as mysterious as that one album The Weeknd made, but will never release. We guess some things are just meant to be a secret - at least in Bella and The Weeknd's world. 

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