Is George Clooney Running For President? New Details About The Actor's Political Aspirations

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Is George Clooney running for president?

The new commander-in-chief?

Is George Clooney running for president?  George Clooney is well-known for his acting abilities, humanitarian efforts, and dapper looks. Recently, however, there's been chatter about the actor possibly running for office. 

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Recently, Clooney and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, pledged $500,000 to help fund the U.S. student-run march on Washington. Called the “March For Our Lives,” the march was a response to the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida that took the lives of 17 people. It was a way for the students who survived to take action to demand gun control reform. 

So is he or isn't he? Here's what we know so far:

1. His friends want him to run.

"Hollywood friends the likes of Julia Roberts and many more were not only interested in honoring their friend [at the AFI event] but they also wanted to grab his ear to try to convince him to run for President,” a source said. 

2. Amal is his secret weapon.


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"With Amal as the first lady by his side and whomever he would choose as a Vice President, it would be one of the most amazing things they could see him do, a source told HollywoodLife.

3. Amal says she'll stick by him. 

"I met George when I was 35 and starting to become quite resigned to the idea that I was going to be a spinster. Then we met and started hiding out in my London flat and very soon it felt like, no matter what happened, I would never want to be with anyone else," Amal has said of her husband.  

4. He's been critical of President Trump.

In 2017, Clooney wrote and directed one of the most talked about films at the Venice Film Festival, Suburbicon. The film is a dark satire exploring race relations. When questioned about the film Clooney talked about how he doesn't agree with the policies of Trump and how he thinks we're falling back on an unqualified leader.

"When you talk about ‘Making America Great Again,’ America being great everyone assumed was the Eisenhower ‘50s, and it was great if you were a white, straight male, but other than that it probably wasn’t so great. It’s fun to lift up that curtain and look underneath that thin veneer and see some of the real problems that this country has yet to completely come to terms with.” 

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5. So ... would he think about running?

"Would I like to be the next president? Oh, that sounds like fun. Can I just say that I’d like anybody to be the next president of the United States. Right away, please,” cracked Clooney at the same event.

6. Barack Obama and Clooney are pals. 

Possible endorsement in the future?  At the AFI event honoring Clooney, the former President sent a pre-taped statement honoring the actor. 

7. But he's also said celebrities shouldn't run. 

"I think having a celebrity as president who has a star on Hollywood Boulevard will exorcise our need to have someone famous in office. And maybe we’ll find someone who knows how to make policy.” So perhaps we shouldn't get our hopes up just yet but who knows — maybe Clooney will surprise us all. 

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