12 Best Anthony Bourdain Quotes On Food, Culture, And Traveling The Globe

best anthony bourdain quotes

The chef and world traveler is gone but he leaves behind much to remember.

The tragic death of Anthony Bourdain at 61 has left the world shocked. The iconoclastic chef, author and world traveler toured the globe, sharing his experiences of food and culture on shows like Parts Unknown and No Reservations.

Bourdain's reputation began with an article in New York Magazine wherein he shared the secrets of the restaurant industry. He later used the article as the basis of his book Kitchen Confidential. In writing and on TV, he was never afraid to share his thoughts on food, on people, and on the world around him.

Here are some of the best Anthony Bourdain quotes about life, the world, and cheap Hanoi beer.

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1. Curiosity is a virtue

2. Enjoy the ride

3. To find things in common

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4. Hanoi beer

5. I wouldn't have missed it for the world

6. Travel isn't always pretty

7. At least eat their food

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8. As you move through this world

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9. How far I have yet to go

10. That guy

11. Basic cooking skills

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12. When I die

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