20 Of The Most Hilarious Memes And Tweets About The White House Sinkhole

20 Of The Most Hilarious Memes And Tweets About The White House Sinkhole

Classic Twitter.

A sinkhole opened up on the White House lawn Tuesday and Twitter did its thing.

Memes and tweets galore started all over the Internet as fast as the sinkhole appeared. The epic reactions about the incident all but take the situation seriously. Classic Twitter.

The Internet’s reactions compared the sinkhole to political states, President Donald Trump, as well as jokes about the sinkhole itself.

According to CBS, the sinkhole appeared just outside of outside of the office of deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley. The area was blocked off right away with caution tape and cones and later covered up.

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The news outlet reports that the sinkhole is "noticeably bigger" since it first appeared.

The Internet has no chill. The sinkhole even has its own hashtag #whitehousesinkhole and a Twitter account @WHsinkhole. It basically has a cult following right now.

Here are the best memes and tweets about the #whitehousesinkhole:

1. Who did this?!

2. Give her another shovel, she has to start over.

3. Or does it...?

4. Was the grass trying to escape?

5. Add it to the list of potential government cover-ups, am I right?

6. Just sayin'.


7. How big will it really get?

8. Apparently, God has a Twitter.


9. Oh, metaphors.

10. #Shotus.





11. Real fake news.


12. It was an inside job, I'm telling you!

13. Just like he was warned NOT to look at the solar eclipse. 

14. Which will it be?

15. Go sinkhole?

16. The sinkhole could be a hero in disguise.

17. It's a national holiday now.

18. Sinkholes can now be delivered straight to your door!


19. Forget the Declaration of Independence. He's going straight for POTUS.

20. Employees only.

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