New, Shocking Details About The Robin Williams Jim Carrey Feud

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The relationship between funnymen Robin Williams and Jim Carrey's was no laughing matter.

When actor and comedian Robin Williams died in 2014, the world mourned one of the greatest talents ever to grace the stage and screen. While Williams showed his serious acting chops in movies like Good Will Hunting and Awakenings, what he was always known for was his madcap comedy style. His stand-up routines were always a riot of character voices and physical humor, with audiences left breathless and exhausted from laugher. 

Now a new biography of Williams, Robin by David Izkoff, reveals that Williams didn't take kindly when another high-energy, low -inhibition comic arrived on the scene. Jim Carrey's over-the-top style made Williams jealous and competitive with the younger comic, leading to a "mental breakdown". 

What happened between the famous funnymen? Here's everything you need to know about the Robin Williams Jim Carrey feud:

1. Carrey's rise to fame made William's nervous.

In 1993, Carrey was beginning his move away from TV show In Living Color to what would be an epic film career. His growing success caught the attention of Williams, who was working on Mrs. Doubtfire at the time. His make-up artist from the film Cheri Minns told Itzkoff the actor “got completely freaked out about Jim Carrey.” 

2. Williams turned down the role of the Riddler. 

Williams had been offered the role of the Riddler in the 1995 movie Batman Forever. He turned down the role and was later chagrined to learn that it had gone to Carrey instead

3. He threw shade at Carrey.

After the successes of Carrey's films Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Williams paid him a backhanded complement saying he was "funny in a physical way.”

4. Williams' wife tried to talk him down.

While Williams seemed almost territorial over his spot in the world of comedy, his wife Marsha was more philosophical, telling her husband there was "room for other people" in Hollywood.

4. Carrey may not have helped the relationship.

This old clip of Carrey imitating Williams during his Mork and Mindy days might not have endeared him to Williams. 

5. Carrey spoke admiringly of him, however.

In this clip from an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show in May 2017, Carrey smiles as he talks about seeing Williams perform in the 1970s at The Comedy Store.

Despite Williams' fears for his career when Carrey arrived in Hollywood, both actors were able to make their marks on film and comedy without harming the other. Carrey today is continuing his work and Williams' legacy as one of the greatest comics ever lives on.

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