Sad New Details Revealed About The Mom Who Left Her Two Kids To Die In A Hot Car While She Smoked Weed And Took A Nap

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Cynthia Randolph, Mom leaves kids in hot car, Texas mom murders kids

She was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

A Texas woman who killed her two toddlers after she left them in a hot car while she went inside to take nap was sentenced to 20 years in prison Monday. 

Last May, Cynthia Marie Randolph, 24, told police that her two children, 2-year-old Juliet Ramirez and 16-month-old Cavanaugh Ramirez, disappeared from their home in Parker County and then locked themselves in the car. The children were found unresponsive in the car and later died at the hospital. 

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It was later revealed that Randolph was angry with the children because they had been playing inside her car and refused to get out.

"Stop your s-t," Randolph said told her daughter, according to police.

She said she left them inside as punishment and believed Juliet would get them out. It was 96 degrees out that day and temperatures inside the car could have risen to 140 degrees. 

While her children were outside in the heat, Randolph told police that she went inside, smoked some marijuana and watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She fell asleep for two to three hours, the arrest warrant read. 

In total, Juliet and Cavanaugh were locked inside the care for two hours. They both died of heatstroke. 

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Randolph broke the car window to make the children's deaths look like an accident, after revealing that she had lied about her original story. 

She had originally faced two first-degree felony counts of knowingly causing serious injury to a child, which could have led to a life sentence. However, her charges were reduced.

Parker County Sheriff's office

Instead, Randolph was found guilty of two second-degree felony counts of recklessly causing injury to a child. She will serve two of the maximum sentences of 20 years simultaneously. 

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