20 Best Date Night Movies On Netflix That You Probably Haven't Seen — But Should

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Get cozy on the couch together.

Date night — yeah, baby! Netflix and chill. Honestly, nothing in the world sounds better to me than staying at home and watching awesome movies with my snuggle bunny partner. I'm totally into date night, and totally into films, so win-win and all that rot.

Now, date night doesn't necessarily mean romantic, so if you're looking for a list of the best romantic movies on Netflix, you might be disappointed. Because romance could mean getting into your favorite slasher-gore film together — or watching that weird documentary on Oregon and the bad guru of weirdness (Wild, Wild Country), or some goofy kids' film that you both really want to see again, or maybe you both just need a damned laugh to bring some levity into the household — the best date night movies can help you bring your relationship to a new level.

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And hey, while it might be about "chilling" (AKA having tons of hot sex), it might also be about setting the right tone so that the "chill" can actually happen. Whatever it is that gets you to the couch, the remote and the date on date night, this list should help prepare you for some of the best date night movies on Netflix. And not necessarily in order.

1. Donnie Darko

You can both discuss how you didn't understand a single thing afterwards, while mutually agreeing that it was a dang cool movie, and if you had your way, you'd be wearing an evil rabbit outfit... later, in bed, with your lovey dovey.

2. Teeth

Yeah, nothing says seduction like watching a movie about a girl who has teeth in her vagina — ones that are ready to chomp. Look, the deal is this: Date night is about being grossed out and scared to death, right? So take a bite out of this sicko film.

3. John Dies at the End

OK, maybe date night isn't about being grossed out... to YOU. Personally, the more gore and weirdness, the better. Having said that, there's this film, based on the book by one of my favorite writers, David Wong. It's nuts, it's surreal, it's got cute guys in it like Paul Giamatti, so you just can't go wrong. And body parts, too!

4. Zeitgeist: The Movie

For you conspiracy junkies and End of Days groupies, this is the paranoia film of all eternity, and if you like sparring intelligently with your partner as foreplay, this film will give you plenty to argue about.

5. The Imitation Game

Breaking codes during WW2 is serious business for Bembersnatch Cumbersnuggles in this Oscar winning drama. Meaningful conversation will ensue after, which will probably lead to the boudoir for some intelligent and code-breaking bonking.

6. Devil's Knot

Forever ghastly and thought-provoking, this amazing film is based on the real life events that sparked off one of the biggest Satanic Panic freak-outs of all time. If you've ever been curious about Damien Echols and the West Memphis 3, this is your go-to film. Yes, you can have sex after.

7. Dallas Buyers Club

Yes, it's on Netflix, and yes, you and your scrumpy puppy should watch it together and weep your little cute eyeballs out. Great film with great performances, and if you're one of those people who despise Jared Leto, try and open your mind to what a great performance really is and watch this. And Matthew McConaughey is, as always, top notch.

8. Defiance

Action AND Daniel Craig — whoda thunk it? Yet, more is better. Set in Nazi Germany, it's a different type of Schindler's List, and well worth the watch. Plus, you can work out your hatred and rage for those pathetic Nazi scumbags afterwards while in bed.

9. St. Vincent

It's Bill Murray, so what else can I say? It's Bill Freaking Murray, and at this point in his career he can do no wrong. Join him, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts in this oddball, yet poignant comedy.

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10. Scary Movie

Yes, it's a thousand years old (2000) and every bit as stupid as it was the day it was made. It's a classic too, and if you're really DATING someone, then you owe it to yourselves to do the deed the right way and add Scary Movie to your line up of comic drivel.

11. Charlie St. Cloud

It's a Zac Efron thing and Zac Efron is a major cutie, so watch it for the pretty boy aspect of it, while pretending you're watching a touching, feel-good film about a kid. You know what, just watch High School Musical instead.

12. Love, Actually

Wow, when I mention this film to some, they just automatically begin projectile vomiting, but not me! I love this gooey, sticky, oozy conglomeration of love stories, all meant to turn you into a puddle of melted chocolate bonbons. And... Colin Firth, OK?

13. Bridget Jones' Diary

Speaking of Colin Firth, as one does, this classic rom-com is THE date movie for those who've never seen a movie before in their life. It's cute, it's adorable, it's disgustingly and obnoxiously wonderful, and you will enjoy every moment of it.

14. The Lovely Bones

Yeah, you have to be in the mood for murder and dire sadness and frustration. But hey, this film will bring you guys together! It's a beautiful, older film, but wow will it touch your heart. Not exactly an aphrodisiac, but still, you'll want to give your partner a tight hug all through this one.

15. Revolutionary Road

Hey, what's a real date night without Leo, eh? Leo DiCaprio makes date night worthwhile, right? Add in the super nutty and crazy Kate Winslet, and prepare yourself for a very strange, mentally-challenging ride.

16. Boogie Nights

Oh the fun, oh the sex, oh the incredibly long dongs! This film is just fun, and if you're willing to set aside all your idiot problems and all your ego-driven worries, then take time out with your sweet thing to watch this amazing, goofy, smart and lovely movie about the early days in pornography.

17. Eyes Wide Shut

Yes, I hate Tom Cruise as much as the next guy, but I have to admit he's been in a few very cool movies, this one being perhaps the coolest. And hey, it's Kubrick. As in Clockwork Orange, The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Full Metal Jacket. Snuggle up with Tom and Nicole and get into all the mystery, mayhem and madness this films brings you.

18. Seven

Yep, an oldie but greatie, and if horror and murder-crime is your thing, then this will totally set you up for the ridiculous sex you'll have afterwards. That is, of course, if severed heads and a whole bunch of BLEGH is what gets you off. I know I'm down for some lovin' after this one.

19. Coraline

Well, this is what I mean by wanting to see a kid's movie for date night. Hey, adults can sit on a couch together and watch weird and wonderful stop action animation films like Coraline. With Neil Gaiman as the writer, it's promising and imaginative. Watch it and enjoy!

20. Talladega Nights

Oh yes, this is THE story of fictional and ridiculous race car driver, Ricky Bobby, played by Will Ferrell. If you're on that couch wanting some booty, but you know you have to endure a stupid (but hilarious film) just to get to that segment of the night, then wallow through this film, grab yourself a laugh and then get you some!

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