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10 Best Movies To Watch High On Netflix

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10 Best Movies To Watch High On Netflix

If there’s one unspoken national past time of millennials, it’s smoking weed and watching movies. It’s how we bond, how we start to stretch our minds, and how we relax.

Sometimes, rolling a joint will make us want to watch a scary movie. Other times, it will be a thought-provoking documentary. Even more times, it’s all about goofy comedies.

Speaking as someone who has done several binges while smoking a bowl, these are my personal picks of the best movies to watch high on Netflix.

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Because these movies pretty much call for having a bag of weed next to you.

1. The Interview

Seth Rogen always knows how to make a killer good comedy, and he really outdoes himself in The Interview.

This is his story of two intrepid journalists as they are selected to go interview the leader of North Korea — and the chaos that ensues when they actually meet the mentally unstable dictator.

Hey, it’s a better option than Sausage Party, right?

2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

You have never truly lived until you’ve watched this Britcom classic while stoned.

Ever since the 70s, people have learned the magic of smoking a spliff and asking questions about swallows. This movie is a classic as far as goofy humor goes, and that makes for amazing times when you're stoned.

The movie is loosely based on the tales of King Arthur. Everything else is pretty much a mix of WTF moments and silliness.

Needless to say, it’s a great way to geek out after a hard day.

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3. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Oh. My. God. When it comes to finding a good documentary to watch while you’re blitzed, things get rough — even on Netflix.

As hard as it is to find a thought-provoking documentary, what Netflix was able to do with Fyre exceeded any standards you could have imagined.

Fyre tells the story of the doomed (and perhaps fraudulent) Fyre music festival that took place a couple of years ago. It’s a party planning disaster that will leave your jaws dropping and make you wonder what was really in the mind of the CEO.

4. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

As a New Jerseyan who grew up around Red Bank, I really can’t do a list of the best movies to watch high on Netflix without pointing out at least one Kevin Smith film. I’m pretty sure that’s a law — or, if it isn’t, it should be.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is all about stoner humor and follows two of New Jersey’s most famous potheads as they go around doing hijinks. And it just has a lot of epic lines that make it worth seeing. Represent!

5. Pulp Fiction

If you’re looking for a darker edge to your movie night, then it’s always a good idea to go with a cult classic.

Pulp Fiction has it all — sex, drugs, and action. It’s gritty and remains a popular flick to watch today.

This is a little bit grittier than what I’d watch while stoned, but by no means is it a bad choice. For people who love looking into the darker side of vice, you really can’t get a better movie.

6. Pan’s Labyrinth

Oh man, this is a terrifying, artsy, and sad film that’s visually explosive.

If you ask me, that always makes it worth a watch regardless of sobriety. This critically-acclaimed movie brings an amazing story to life with beautiful imagery that is just plain incredible.

Anyone who loves dark fantasy and wants to see trippy stuff while they smoke should watch this film. Ideally, you’ll watch it with art supplies nearby. It just is one of those movies that sparks creativity.

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7. Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

The Trailer Park Boys are three of the most hilarious human beings to come out of Canada.

Their hit TV show tells the tale of Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian as they work on their quest to make one last, massive heist. Trailer Park Boys: The Movie shows them as they actually make their dream come true.

Watching Bubbles freak out is made all the better with a spliff. Oh, and Ricky’s decision-making? Somehow understandable too.

8. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

I’ll admit it — I find this movie to be a little bit too personally relatable not to love it.

Scott Pilgrim is a movie that offers action, geekery, fight scenes, satire and romance in droves. If you are looking to smoke up, laugh, and enjoy good cinematography, you’re going to love this.

On an added note, I love how socially-conscious this is. Ramona Flowers plays the perfect anti-Manic-Pixie-Dreamgirl, and reminds us all that people are human, even when they’re insanely hot.

9. Mad Ron’s Previews From Hell

Do you love 80s-style cheesy horror movies? Are you a nostalgic type of stoner? If so, trust me — I get you.

There’s something incredibly charming about watching the kind of movies that would be considered crappy from yesteryear. That’s pretty much what Mad Ron’s Previews from Hell is all about.

It’s spoofed horror previews, all wrapped up in a nice movie.

10. Jaws

Is there anything more satisfying than smoking some weed, watching a shark attack a bunch of people in a delightfully cheesy 80s way, and yelling at said shark while high? I'm not sure there is.

This classic, kitschy movie is on Netflix right now — as are all of its sequels. Jaws binge, anyone?

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