6 Unsettling Details About Kanye West's Recent Bizarre Behavior, Including His Mysterious Diagnosis

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details about Kanye West's recent behavior and mental illness

What's really going on with Yeezy?

What's wrong with Kanye West? This is what countless fans have been wanting to know as of late. The successful rapper and fashion mogul has always been a media star, but his latest headline-making antics have been real head-scratchers leaving many people wondering if he's okay.

Over the past weekend, Kanye sent the Twitter world into a frenzy with an abundance of confusing tweets, some of which were a little more controversial than others — including some Donald Trump tweets. This has been coupled with West's recent strange and erratic behavior. The rapper has also grappled with his mental health, urging his millions of followers to wonder if his Twitter tirade may have been the sign of a mental breakdown. 

So what has really been going on lately with rap superstar Kanye West? We take a look at some of the most troubling details about West's recent unusual behavior.

1. Kanye was hospitalized in 2016.

In 2016, West was taken to the hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The rapper was at his trainer's home at the time when the cops were called in for a welfare check after he was reported to be "behaving erratically." While he was reportedly "resistant" to go to the hospital at first, people close to him eventually convinced him to go. 

Sources later revealed that West was suffering from extreme sleep deprivation, paranoia, and emotional fallout from both the Paris robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian and the death of his mother.

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2. Kanye may have had an opioid addiction.

On a bizarre phone call with Hot 97 radio host Ebro, Kanye opens the call by repeating 'I love you' quite a few times. When Ebro asks Kanye to talk about the upcoming album Kanye teased on Twitter, Kanye asks if they could talk in person to discuss the details. Kanye reportedly claimed to have developed an opioid addiction when he was in the hospital and said that his friends had abandoned him because of it. He admitted to becoming dependent on opioids during his 2016 hospital stay.

However, according to The Blast, the rapper's legal team has denied that West had ever had any kind of opioid addiction, but did suffer "from extreme paranoia when he didn’t sleep for over 48 hours."

3. Kanye has been diagnosed with a "debilitating medical condition."

In 2017, West filed a whopping ten million dollar lawsuit against the company responsible for insuring his 2016 Saint Pablo tour after being forced to cancel a few of the performances. West cited his mental health struggles as the reason for not being able to finish out the otherwise successful tour. The detail of the lawsuit (obtained by Radar Online) included all of the details of West's entire medical exam, which stated that he was dealing with a "debilitating medical condition" that caused his "strained, confused and erratic" behavior. 

4. Is Kim Kardashian to blame?

Any incident that happens to someone close to the Kardashian family somehow always manages to find its way back to them and point the fingers at them for being the cause of it. So could Kim and her family be the reason for Kanye's bizarre behavior? Wendy Williams certainly seems to think so.

On her show, the host revealed her thoughts on the Kanye drama. “He hasn’t been the same since he married Kim. Whatever happened to the thought-provoking Kanye?” she asked. “We knew he was slightly nutty, but we’re all a little nutty. When he got with that family, number one, he should’ve stayed… in the back. He should not have participated in that reality show.”

Williams went on to say that his recent Twitter rants show that there is something wrong and advised the rapper to take some time off from his career.

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5. Kanye's recent Twitter rant has fans concerned about the state of his mental health.

Kanye recently reactivated his Twitter and quickly posted a series of frantic tweets. His string of tweets didn't seem to make any sense to his army of followers and some started to believe he may have even been suffering from another mental breakdown. The turning point seemed to come when Kanye tweeted his support for YouTube star, Candace Owens, who is known for her outspoken right-leaning political views. Kanye has never been one to keep quiet about his thoughts on politics in the past, but these comments have caused much backlash for the rapper. 

6. His family and team are worried about him.

While Kim got involved in Kanye's twitter rants, sources claim the reality star is paying close attention to her husband to make sure he doesn't end up in the hospital again. Sources told Hollywood Life, "Kim loves it when Kanye is all fired up like this, but she’s watching him carefully though, because she fears he may be taking on too much.”

Likewise, The Blast reported that Kanye's team is "worried about his current mental health,” and fear that "he may be spiraling into a dark place." 

It seems like no one is really sure right now whether Kanye may still be suffering from serious mental health issues or if his antics are possibly just a way to garner more publicity for his upcoming album. If Kanye is indeed going through more serious mental illness struggles, then we wish him the best in his recovery!

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