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4 Zodiac Signs That Are Closest With Their Siblings, According To Astrology

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zodiac signs closest to their siblings

My sister is my best friend. I mean, I have a best friend from college, too, but unfortunately, we don’t live in the same state, let alone the same time zone… so it gets hard.

My sister, however, lives only a few hours away and it’s always nice to be able to come home for the weekend and hang out with her.

My sister is the one I tell all my secrets to and she probably knows me, my personality, horoscope and zodiac sign, better than I know myself and vice versa.

Whenever we’re together, we act like little kids — we giggle like crazy, we hold hands, we share clothes and get into silly arguments — I’m sure my parents love seeing two grown ass women acting like children in public.

And even when we get frustrated with each other and need to take some time to cool off, we always come back and apologize because we know how special this bond is that one little fight isn’t worth ruining it.

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Sometimes, I even wish my relationships with other people were this strong and resilient. I honestly don’t know anyone else I would be able to laugh with until my sides hurt like I do with my sister.

Maybe it’s because we are siblings or maybe it’s just because we’ve had over 20 years of being together that, just like any other relationship or friendship, all it took was time to cultivate a deep bond.

One of my favorite things about spending time with my sister — especially when we’re in our goofy, joking moods – is that whenever we’re out in public, someone asks us if we’re twins.

I don’t see it at all (me being short and clumsy, her being tall and graceful), but I like to think that people see more than just a sibling resemblance between us because of how we act when we’re together.

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I’m sure we’re MUCH more alike than either of us think, but it’s still interesting to me that people think we look so much like twins. But anyway.

My sister is someone I would both die for and kill for. When I say that my sibling is my best friend, I really mean that she’s like an extension of myself —​ I would do anything to make sure that she is always happy and healthy.

And I know that she would do the same for me, which is what makes our bond so strong.

We help and support each other, and she’s the one person I know I can always have fun with, whether we’re going on a weekend trip to the beach or we’re just hanging out with our dogs at home.

And for these four zodiac signs, the bond is strong with their siblings, too. Keep reading to find out which zodiac signs are the closest to their siblings, according to astrology.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer has so much love for her family and friends it’s a wonder her heart doesn’t burst from the overflowing of emotion. She’s the type of person who sees her siblings less like family and more like best friends.

She loves them to the moon and back because when she cares about someone, she does it with her whole heart. And even if she’s an adult, she still tends to revert back to her zodiac sign's personality traits from when everyone was younger — teasing her siblings, starting tickle fights, and laughing like little kids.

Of course, no matter how old you and your siblings are, there’s bound to be a fight or two when you’re with them, right? And Cancer is no stranger to being picked on by her siblings (and for being a little too sensitive when fights get serious), but these fights barely last an entire day.

Cancer can’t hold a grudge for very long when it comes to her siblings because she loves being friends with them way too much to stay stubborn and angry for no reason.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio is the fierce friend who would do literally anything for her siblings. She believes that you should always be there for the people you love, whether that means letting her sister borrow some money or destroying the person who broke her brother’s heart.

And even if there’s some tension between her and her siblings for whatever reason, if they ask her for help, she will always be there to do whatever she can because she is an intensely loyal friend and family member.

Scorpio doesn’t let a lot of people into her heart or her deepest, most personal being. In fact, dating can be crazy hard for her because she has to allow herself to be vulnerable to strangers. But when it comes to her relationship with her siblings, she can act very un-Scorpio-like because she knows that they are the last people who would ever judge her.

Plus, they were there for her when she was still growing up and figuring herself out, so they know better than anyone what goes on inside of her head and her heart. They are just as fiercely loyal to her as she is to them.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn might keep to herself most of the time, preferring to be reserved and serious, but when she’s around her siblings, she turns into a completely different person. Only a select few see Capricorn’s affectionate and lighthearted side, her siblings included.

In fact, whenever she is with her siblings, her attitude changes into one that’s all smiles and joking around, which anyone who doesn’t see this side of her very often might be shocked to see.

Capricorn is also a very family-oriented person. She believes that nothing can replace the bond someone has with their family, so she would go to the ends of the earth to support them like they support her. Even though she can sometimes be a little bossy with her siblings, Capricorn knows that they still love her no matter what kind of person she is.

She feels most comfortable when she’s around them and is one of those people who will count down the days until the next family holiday so she can spend time with them.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces completely relies on her siblings; without them, she would probably always feel lost and helpless. To her, a sibling is a best friend she can talk to about anything and someone who knows that she needs that support when things get tough.

Life is hard and stressful, but knowing that she has siblings would always be there for her to lean on when she needs it makes Pisces feel stronger and surer of herself. Her siblings are her safe space and her dream world – where she can stop thinking about the things that stress her out and just spend quality time with them.

Pisces is also crazy close to her siblings because she highly values the memories she has made with them. She’s the type of person to keep everything from when she was younger, including all the memories she made with everyone decades ago.

So, even though she might bring up an embarrassing memory of her sisters and brothers from when they were all little, she’s only doing it because it makes her happy to reminisce on the good times with the people she loves the most.

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