Unforgiving Zodiac Signs Who Hold A Grudge — Even After You Apologize

They may forgive, but they never forget.

unforgiving zodiac signs butt hurt hold a grudge

Have you ever met a zodiac sign who took everything so personally that you basically had to censor yourself every single time you hung out together? And forget about having one of those fights ALL friends have – the cat fights that last maybe two days before you realize it’s stupid — because this sign will stay butthurt even after you apologize.

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Maybe it’s just her personality or maybe it has everything to do with astrology, but you can’t ever poke fun at each other without worrying that you’re going to hurt her feeling in the process. Talk about exhausting!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with being sensitive; sensitive people tend to handle complicated and messy situations better than people who tend to shove everything under the rug.



But when you let it run your entire life – so much so that people just don’t even bother making an effort to tiptoe around your feelings after a while – then you know there’s a bigger problem at hand. Plus, I only know about getting in touch with your emotions secondhand because I’m an Aquarius, so “sensitivity” isn’t really a word in my vocabulary.

My point is, everyone is entitled to their emotions and everyone should (if you don’t already) let others know when they’ve hurt their feelings. But you have to agree with me that there is a HUGE difference between being honest about how others make you feel and never letting anything go. Like, ever.

Because holding grudges and being stubborn just because you can’t stop thinking about something someone already apologized for just has to be soooo unhealthy, right? Right. But as I said above, there are some zodiac signs who just can’t wrap their head around this.


And to them, holding in their true feelings is normal. Trust me, when you do something like this long enough, one person telling you to lighten up isn’t going to make an impact.

But even though these signs aren’t the best at forgiving and forgetting, there IS a reason for this; it’s not just because they want to make you suffer after an apology.


Some might feel as though an apology is just a way to get out of any more confrontation, whereas others might actually try to ignore what they’re really feeling so that they don’t have to worry about confrontation.

But either way, these hurt feelings just eat these signs up inside because they’re conflicted about how they should act after an apology and how they want to act.

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I know, it’s confusing to signs like me who probably have never said the word “sorry” in their life (just kidding!), but unless you do this yourself, you really can’t know what’s going on under all that deceiving exterior.

So, whether you’re worried you’re one of these signs who just keep feeling hurt after someone apologizes, or you want to know why your best friend keeps saying she’s fine and then being honest after not speaking to you for a week, keep reading. 

TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

Taurus unforgiving zodiac signs butt hurt hold a grudge

Taurus, you’re the type of person to forgive, but never forget. Just because someone has apologized to you doesn’t mean you automatically forget how they hurt you in the first place. It’s not so much that you hold onto these feelings because you want to get revenge on the other person, but more because you think your feelings should be valued more than just one apology.

As a Taurus, it’s not uncommon for your stubbornness to get in the way of making up with people who have hurt you. In fact, you can be SO stubborn about still being hurt after an apology that your attitude can start ANOTHER fight. You expect far too much from someone when your feelings are hurt, but you can’t seem to figure out that not every apology has to be over the top or insufferable.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer unforgiving zodiac signs butt hurt hold a grudge

The only thing you hate more than a fight, Cancer, is not being on the best of terms with someone you love. Whether it was a total blowout between you two or just a little disagreement, you’d rather just say you’re sorry instead of talking it through – even if you’re not the one at fault. I know, I know, you can’t help yourself, but this is a terrible habit to have.

When people know that they can walk all over your feelings and not feel bad about it, they start taking advantage of you, Cancer. And the reason you still feel hurt after an “apology”? Yeah, that’s your feelings not being validated all because you’d rather keep the peace. Not every conversation is going to be easy in life, but it shouldn’t feel like the end of the world every time you DO need to speak up.

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VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Virgo unforgiving zodiac signs butt hurt hold a grudge

Virgo, you try so hard to make sure the people you love feel that love you have for them every single day. Even when you’re not actively thinking about how to make someone’s day brighter, it’s still in the back of your mind, Everything you do in life is intentional, which makes it harder for others to relate to you on some levels – especially during an argument – because no one’s brain works like yours.

When someone apologizes to you, it’s not always as thoughtful as your own apologies, which can leave you feeling hurt long after it’s over. You start overthinking what you should have said, what you wanted them to say, and everything in between, This only works you up over nothing, Virgo, so instead of pouting, learn how to bring up what’s bothering you so it doesn’t eat you up inside.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Libra unforgiving zodiac signs butt hurt hold a grudge

Libra, you absolutely HATE confrontation, so when any kind of discord or argument starts to surface, you do everything in your power to make it disappear – even if that means pretending that you’re not hurt at all. You would rather sweep your negative feelings under the rug instead of confront them because, to you, talking about your feelings means you have to open up about something that could possibly lead to a bigger fight.

Of course, doing things your way isn’t much better. You tend to hold grudges when you’re upset, which means that even if someone wanted to break through that icy exterior of yours and get you to talk about why you’re hurt, it would be nearly impossible. You try so hard to not confront your feelings and pretend like everything is fine, Libra that you end up making things worse. Because, let’s face it, grudges only last so long.

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