The 6 Zodiac Sign Pairs That Are True Friend Soulmates

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zodiac signs that fit together

Have you ever met someone and thought, yes, you get me better than anyone else.

Soulmates aren’t just significant others; they can be friends, family, anyone who just seems to get you.

Maybe it’s the way they always seem to finish your thoughts or the way they can look at you across the room and all you have to do is lock eyes to know EXACTLY what the other is thinking.

No matter what, they are the first person you go to with everything because you know exactly what they already think.

Some people meet their soulmate when they’re 3, some when they’re 30. But either way that heart-tugging bond will come into your life, one way or another.


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So how do you really know when someone’s made to be your soulmate? How do you spot your soulmate in the early stages? I mean, I’m not saying it’s ALL about your zodiac sign, but they definitely can have an influence on who you get along with.

Keep an eye out for your matching zodiac sign to know who you're the most compatible with when it comes to the soul-bonding sisterhood you know you're looking for!

These are the 6 zodiac signs that fit together and are LITERAL soulmates — and they won’t let you tell them otherwise.

Aries & Aquarius

aries aquarius zodiac sign astrological sign

You two get along so well because of your spit-fire attitudes and confidence.

Everyone better watch out when you both walk into a room, because nothing can stop you when you’re working as a team. Aries loves physical challenges and Aquarius loves mental challenges; you balance each other out!  

Aquarius can often times act moody and aloof which works perfectly with Aries strong enthusiasm and positivity. On the flip side, Aries tend to jump towards anger and aggression before thinking, and Aquarius always thinks before acting!

This muscle and mind combo makes for the perfect soulmate pair; they sound like the next superhero duo!

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Taurus & Cancer

taurus cancer zodiac signs astrological signs

Taurus and Cancer are the most loyal signs, put them together and you have a reliable, emotionally aware and powerful pairing.

You both love relaxing activities like art and gardening, so you’re bound to always have a good time together.

Cancer can be very emotional. You tend to get very insecure and moody. Taurus helps you flesh out these feelings with their practical look at life.

Cancer is probably the only person who can get past that Taurus-stubbornness!

This dynamic duo is nothing short of artistic, emotional, and loving.

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Gemini & Leo

gemini leo zodiac signs astrological signs

These two signs have enough personality to fill the WHOLE room. You’re the social butterfly-BFFs that everyone’s jealous of!

You fit well together, especially because you both love affection and praise, which you often give to each other.

Leo is a natural born leader, and Gemini, you can sometimes have a hard time making up your mind about, well… everything. This makes for awesome adventures and trips that feed that travel bug you both have!

Whenever people see you two together, they know you’re about to get into some serious trouble!

Virgo & Scorpio

virgo scorpio zodiac signs astrological signs

I’m pretty sure this duo could take over the world if they wanted to!

If you take the hard working and analytical side of Virgo and combine it with the resourcefulness and bravery of Scorpio, you probably have the next co-presidents of the United States.

You both take things very seriously, and in that way you always have the best ideas, projects and awesome plans. And you actually get stuff done!

Virgo tends to be really down on themselves, but Scorpio is the best kind of pal who always knows exactly how to encourage their dear friend.

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Libra & Sagittarius

libra sagittarius zodiac signs astrological signs

Libra and Sagittarius are the kind of pair that love each other NO MATTER WHAT, but never cease to butt heads.

Sagittarius loves to push the envelope, whereas Libra loves to be as diplomatic as possible. You’re both always in for a crazy debate that probably ends in uncontrollable laughter.

Despite your differences, you’re both kind, generous and love to please other people.

You thrive off each other’s energy, and with Libra’s love for social justice, you’re likely to be the heads of a protest or march!

Capricorn & Pisces

capricorn pisces zodiac signs astrological signs

This may seem like an unlikely pair, but you two manage to understand each other in ways that no one else can!

You may grind one another’s gears (especially when Capricorn is being a total know-it-all, which Pisces hates), but there’s a loyalty to one another that one one else understands.

Opposites attract in this situation! Pisces is way more extroverted and social, whereas Capricorn has a hard to letting loose.

You balance each other out for everything you don’t have!

Your love for music will bound you over everything else, and you will always allow yourself to be vulnerable with the other.

No one understands it, but you love each other above all else!

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