John Stamos Is A Dad! 15 New Details About Baby Billy And Wife, Caitlin McHugh

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John Stamos is a first time dad at 54 and he is overjoyed!

John Stamos' baby is here! Newlyweds John Stamos and wife, Caitlin McHugh announced the birth of their son, Billy Stamos, via Instagram early Monday morning. This is the first child for both Stamos and McHugh. The couple got engaged in October 2017 after about two years of dating, announced their pregnancy in December 2017, and married in February at Disneyland. Stamos has waited a long time for this moment. Let's take a look at some fun facts about John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh and their new son, Billy:

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1. John Stamos is a first time dad at 54.

John is overjoyed at the birth of his son Billy. He wrote on Instagram: "From now on, the best part of me will always be my wife and son. Welcome Billy Stamos (named after my dad) #NotJustAnUncleAnymore #Overjoyed."

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2. John was married before.

John and Caitlin have been married since February. This isn't John's first marriage, however. He dated model and actress Rebecca Romijin for three years before getting engaged to her on Christmas Eve 1997. They got married in September 1998. Six years later, Stamos filed for divorce. 

3. So who is Caitlin McHugh?

Caitlin was born in Altadena, California, a suburb of Los Angeles in 1986. She attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for two years. She is signed with Wilhemina models and had a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries.

4. How did John and Caitlin meet?

John met Caitlin for the first time in 2011 on the set of Law & Order: SVU. They did not start dating until 2016. 

5. Caitlin was married before, too.

Caitlin married restauranteur Massimo Lusardi in June 2011 when she was 25 years old. The marriage only lasted a few months, but the divorce wasn't final until 2014. She met John Stamos in 2016.

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6. John prayed and hoped for someone like Caitlin.

John told ABC News he had been hoping and praying for a woman like Caitlin for more than a decade before the two met. He didn't think he deserved someone as pure and good as he wanted even just a few years ago. See? Timing is everything!

7. Caitlin really, really loves Disney.

Caitlin's Instagram is full of Disney references. She has cosplayed nearly every Disney character that exists. She is full of facts about Disney. And you know what? That's perfect because John Stamos is also a big Disney fan who once dressed as Prince Eric for a trip to Disneyland.

8. John proposed to Caitlin at Disneyland.

John found his Disney Princess in Caitlin and Caitlin found her Disney Prince in John. So where better for two avowed Disneyphiles to get engaged than at Disneyland? John took it a step further and had a Disney animator create a painting of the couple hugging in front of Cinderella's castle.  

For the proposal John put together a film of some of the most romantic moments in Disney and Pixar animated films. The film ended with Sebastian from The Little Mermaid saying "Just ask the girl." John asked, Caitlin said yes, and they dined at the exclusive 21 Royal restaurant, where dinner runs $1,250 per person

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9Why did they decide to have a child so quickly?

John announced in December that he and his then-fiancé were expecting. He told People he and Caitlin have the same morals and values and thought it would be a good idea to have a family. Caitlin then suggested they have a baby before they got married. Stamos asked her why. Caitlin cheekily responded "Because you're old."

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10. They got married in a tiny chapel in Studio City, California

John and Caitlin got married at the Little Brown Church in Studio City on a Saturday afternoon in February in front of about 50 guests. The reception followed at Stamos' Beverly Hills home. 

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11They went to Disney World after they got married.

Caitlin posted this photo of the newlyweds at Disney World complete with Bride and Groom mouse ear headbands. What could be more perfect for two Disney lovers?

12. Caitlin sings and plays the ukulele and piano.

John Stamos is a musician and singer who has toured with The Beach Boys on and off since the mid 1980sCaitlin is also a musician who sings and plays the ukulele and piano. Could we see a collaboration between these two musical spouses? 

13. John has been called the Baby Whisperer.

John's Full House and Fuller House co-stars Candice Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber call John "the baby whisperer." Bure has said that he is the best with babies and kids and has long been after him to have kids of his own. 

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14. John really couldn't wait to be a dad.

In March he posted an old photo from his days as Uncle Jesse on Full House with the caption: "This is the longest 9 months of my life! #cantwait 4 #fatherhood." We have to admit, that's pretty adorable. 

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15. John had given up on his dream of being a dad before he met Caitlin.

John Stamos admitted he thought he'd never get his fairytale ending of being a father before he and Caitlin started dating. He told People: "I always wanted to be a dad. Clearly, I had to do some work on myself first. People would say 'You should have a child.' I was like, 'That ship has sailed."

No matter how difficult it seems, don't give up! Your fairy tale ending could be right around the corner. Just look at John and Caitlin! Congrats to the new parents. We're betting young Billy Stamos will be going to Disneyland and Disney World a ton during his childhood.

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