20 Unique Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo ideas any Aquarius would love!

Last updated on Nov 19, 2022

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I've always liked the idea of people getting tattoos to represent their zodiac sign because, in my opinion, your zodiac sign is an integral part of you.

Your zodiac sign is something that can explain why you are the way you are or parts of your personality that you might not have understood before. And even if it's supposed to be fun and not too serious, a lot of people like talking about their zodiac sign. 


The Aquarius zodiac sign is represented by many elements that can be included in a unique Aquarius tattoo.

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Whether you get one that simply says 'Aquarius,' the wave glyph or symbol for the water-bearer, the Aquarius zodiac constellation, or anything in between, there are just so many different designs you could choose from.

Then, you have to decide if you want black and white or color, traditional or some modifications to make it your own.

Here are the best Aquarius zodiac sign tattoo ideas so you can finally show off just how much being an Aquarius means to you.

Unique Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

1. Water-bearer tattoo

aquarius tattoo water bearerPhoto: David Suarez / Unsplash


The Aquarius symbol is the water bearer, often depicted as water pouring from a chalice.

2. Aquarius flower tattoo

aquarius tattoo orchidPhoto: Chris Hardy / Unsplash

Aquarius' zodiac flower is the orchid.

3. Aquarius quote tattoo

aquarius tattoo quotePhoto: Alex Portoraro / Unsplash


Aquarius is known for being one of the most unique zodiac signs, a trait this quote perfectly encompasses.

4. Aquarius glyph tattoo

The minimalistic Aquarius glyph is perfect for those looking for a small, yet meaningful, piece of art.


5. Aquarius ruling planet and symbol tattoo

Combine two important Aquarius elements into one beautiful tattoo.

6. Minimalistic Aquarius symbol and constellation

Trendy and meaningful.


7. Black-and-white Aquarius flower tattoo

If you're not into color in your tattoos, you can still show off the Aquarius flower, the orchid, with black-and-white ink.

7. Watercolor Aquarius glyph

Add some color to your Aquarius glyph.


8. Unique water-bearer tattoo

Combine multiple astrology elements into one Aquarius-themed tattoo.

9. Masculine water bearer tattoo

Spruce up the symbol of the water bearer with a Greek god-like addition.


10. Feminine water bearer symbol tattoo

Alternatively, add a feminine touch to the water bearer.

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11. Adventurous Aquarius glyph tattoo

You don't have to go all out astrology just because you're getting a zodiac tattoo. Consider blending your love for the outdoors with your Aquarius identity.

12. Traditional-style water bearer symbol tattoo

Traditional-style tattoos will always be in.


13. Geometric water bearer and Aquarius constellation tattoo

These two elements of the Aquarius zodiac sign blend seamlessly into the geometric style.

14. Aquarius woman tattoo

For a bigger piece.


15. Aquarius constellation tattoo

This tattoo idea also includes the Aquarius glyph as a star point in the constellation as well as the Aquarius date.

16. Floral Aquarius constellation

For a dainty, minimalistic look.


17. Skeleton water bearer tattoo

Change up the Aquarius symbol with a unique spin.

18. Aquarius tattoo for plant lovers

Tattoos are meant to reflect your own unique personality, and this one is a great twist on the Aquarius water-bearer symbol for plant lovers.


19. Straightforward Aquarius tattoo

No one will ever question your zodiac sign.

20. Simplistic Aquarius glyph and constellation

Simple linework makes for a beautiful piece.


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