There's A New Wine That's Infused With Cold-Brew Coffee — So Now You Can Get Two Buzzes At Once

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Are you freaking out yet?

Wine is great. Coffee is great. And though we often wish we could mix the two, it just hasn't been possible... until now! Both wine and coffee lovers can agree that a nice combination of the two is quite the game-changer.

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Apothic Wine, which is a wine distributor, is launching what will probably be a very lucrative line of wine on April 1st. It’s a red wine, infused with cold-brew coffee, that will be called "Apothic Brew." Have you lost your mind yet? Because we are about to.

That means that if you’re a calorie counter (as a lot of us are these days), you can pat yourself on the back for two reasons: you're saving time when it comes to decision-making while grocery shopping, and you won't be adding on double the amount of calories you intake when you have both wine and coffee.

Apothic describes the wine as an adult beverage that “captures the smooth mouthfeel and velvety chocolate notes of cold brew with the juicy blackberry characteristics of a dark red wine.” Are you salivating yet?

If that doesn’t convince you that it’s worth a taste, I don’t know what will! Unless you’re allergic to coffee, wine or (god forbid) chocolate, that is.

For those interested in the contents of this much-anticipated coffee-infused wine, this limited edition Apothic wine consists of 13.5 percent alcohol. However, it has a lower caffeine level than your average 8 ounce cup of coffee, which has 95 mg of caffeine. Just another reason to finish the entire bottle.

Think taste, though, and you’ll be one satisfied customer. And you won't have one thought about having buyer's remorse.

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