9 Creepy Details From O.J. Simpson's "Hypothetical" Murder Confession — Including How He Said He Couldn't Take His Eyes Off The Bodies

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He described his hypothetical account the murder in an unseen interview from 2006.

O.J. Simpson detailed a hypothetical play-by-play of the night his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were murdered in a never before seen interview with Fox News.

The two-hour special titled O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession, was filmed in 2006 but only recently aired Sunday night. It was hosted by Soledad O’Brien, accompanied by Judith Regan and a panel of analysts: Christopher Darden, one of Simpson’s prosecutors from his criminal trial, Eve Shakti Chen, a representative for Nicole’s family, and Rita Smith, a spokeswoman for National Coalition for Domestic Violence.

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Simpson was found not guilty of the murders in 1995 and later wrote a book, “If I Did It,” a “hypothetical” account of how he would have killed his ex-wife and friend.

The interview, “rediscovered” by Fox as the NFL Hall of Famer has been brought back into headlines due to the recent documentary, O.J.: Made in America, and the series, The People v. O.J. Simpson.

Here are the most disturbing details from the 2006 interview with Simpson:

1. It wasn’t aired because the families of the victims didn’t want Simpson to profit from it.

It wasn’t aired in 2006 because the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman didn’t want Simpson to benefit from it in any way.

“They feared O.J. would be paid,” said Wrong. “The decision was made not to do it… Eventually, it was brought up to Fox executives that these tapes existed still… I went and looked and sure enough, it was incredibly riveting.”

2. He said “hypothetically” he was accompanied by a friend he called Charlie.

“This guy Charlie shows up, a guy who I recently became friends with,” Simpson said. “And I don’t know why he went by Nicole’s house, but he told me, ‘You wouldn’t believe what’s going on over there.’ And I remember thinking whatever’s going on over there, it’s gotta stop.”

He alternated between speaking in the first person and talking about Charlie.

3. Simpson said he blacked out.

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"As things got heated, I just remember Nicole fell and hurt herself,” Simpson said. “And this guy kind of got into a karate thing… I remember I grabbed the knife, I do remember that portion, taking the knife from Charlie and to be honest after that I don't remember, except I’m standing there and there’s all kinda stuff around. Blood and stuff. ”

Regan questioned him about the knife.

"You write about removing a glove before taking the knife from Charlie," Regan said.

"You know I have no conscious memory of doing that but obviously I must have because they found the glove there," Simpson replied.

4. He said he couldn’t take his eyes off the bodies.

“I couldn’t turn away,” he said in the interview. “In a way, it’s a little bit car crash television. You know, why would you do it, if you were him? It’s riveting."

“It was a little eerie to be inside his head for so many hours, just listening to the stream of consciousness come out of his mouth.”

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5. Simpson didn’t want his kids brought into the situation.

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When Regan explained that Simpson’s children were in the house at the time of the murders he quickly said he didn’t want to bring his kids into the mess.

“Now we got to stop,” he said with a laugh. “Now we got to stop. It’s hard enough for me without bringing my kids into this.”

Simpson apologized but continued to clarify that he didn’t want to talk about his kids.

“I’m sorry, I tend to keep my kids out of everything as you may notice,” he said.

6. Analysts said there was definitely domestic violence in Simpson’s marriage to Nicole.

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“You see a very dysfunctional relationship,” executive producer Terry Wrong said in a teleconference Thursday. “A very tortured one in which he had the power. He had the wealth, he had the celebrity."

“And he had the physical power… There’s no debate that domestic violence was front and center in that relationship.”

7. Simpson said “I told you so” to his murdered ex-wife.

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During the interview, Simpson explains that he was angry with Nicole for bringing some questionable people around their house and children.

“If you’re angry with a person upon their death, if you’re angry with somebody about whatever is going on in your life, when they die it’s not like that anger disappears…” Simpson said. “It’s almost like I want to say, ‘I told you! Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I say to you?’”

8. He is disturbingly charismatic.

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“He sucks you in, O.J.,” Wrong said. “He’s charismatic, charming. At the same time, there’s something a little manic, a little disturbing.”

9. One of the analysts is convinced O.J.’s story wasn’t hypothetical.

"I think Charlie is O.J. This is no hypothetical," said Darden. "I think he's confessed to murder.”

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