5 Outdated Royal Rules Meghan Markle Should Break

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5 Outdated Royal Family Rules Meghan Markle Should Break
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Rebel Meghan!

By Kenzie

Meghan has already created quite the fuss over the few rules she has already broken. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of other royal rules Meghan can break. Hopefully, this will help keep you more entertained than betting on who will bald faster, Prince William or Prince Harry. 

Here are a few royal family rules Meghan is yet to break as a future princess.

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1. The 'We Don’t Play With Fake Money' Rule

The royal family is not allowed to play Monopoly. Out of all the rules, this one is by far the most bizarre and the most excellent time saver. Prince Andrew was the one who spilled the beans about this rule. “We’re not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious,” he said. 

I guess when you have a charity auction at 3 and a dinner party at 7, you really don’t have any time to play Monopoly. But if there’s a rule to broken, I’m sure Meghan will find the time.

2. The 'We Aren’t Celebrities, We Are Royalty' Rule 

Royals are not allowed to sign autographs or take selfies with their adoring peasant admirers. It’s such shame, Queen Lizzie would have a fabulous selfie game. 

As a famous-ish actress turned royal, maybe Meghan will slip up one day and give a fan her autograph or grace a commoner with a selfie. Don’t forget your roots, Meghan! You were once a peasant too! Show us other peasants some selfie love. 

3. The 'We Must Always Look On Point' Rule 

No Sunday sweats and sliders for these royals. The family isn’t allowed to be seen in casual clothing and must be dressed modestly and have a clean cut look in public. The Royals also have a strict policy about hairstyles. Maybe that’s why Kate Middleton gets 3 blowouts a week. 

Man, all of these rules almost make me like my ‘roam aimlessly around Target searching for purpose and things I really don’t need (and can’t afford) in my sweats and ponytail life.’

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4. The Elite Tiara Club 

Tiaras can only be worn after 6 p.m. and only married women can wear them. I really think Queen Lizzie would have a hissy fit if Meghan were to wear a tiara at an inappropriate time. Meghan, for the sake of gossip and hilarious gifs, please wear a tiara to brunch. Sincerely, the internet. 

5. The 'We Have Long, Classy British Names For A Reason' Rule

In the palace, nicknames are forbidden. So calling Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ‘Queen Lizzie’ this whole time wasn’t okay? My (almost) sincerest apologies. 

Despite the royal family calling each other by their proper, full-names, the media still calls Catherine Middleton by her nickname ‘Kate’. As a commoner, you can call the royals by their nicknames all day long. Hopefully, Meghan makes nicknames a thing and encourages my use of Queen Lizzie as her majesty’s ‘proper’ name. 

After reading all of these rules, becoming a member of the British royal family seems exhausting but Meghan seems to be doing a good job of incorporating the rules she likes and ignoring the ones she doesn’t like. Hopefully, she will continue to do this for the rest of her time in the palace like a boss. We will all be keeping tabs on this from the comfort of our Sunday sweats behind our glowing screens.

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