11 Best Guinness Food And Drink Recipes Perfect For St. Patrick's Day

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11 Best Food And Drink Recipes Using Guinness Beer For St. Patrick's Day
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St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday, March 17, 2018. It is time to get ready for fun and celebration, meaning it is also time to get into your kitchen and make the best St. Patrick's Day dishes and drinks that will be the talk of the holiday. And what better way to celebrate the Irish holiday than with Guinness beer?

Most of these recipes are very easy to make and well worth any wait. And the best part? All these food and drink recipes can be made again and again, year-round! Find your new favorite recipe for St. Patrick's Day (and, of course, drink responsibly!).

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1. Beer Cheese Sliders

A totally mouthwatering twist to a classic food item. Your beer cheese sliders will definitely be the talk of of your St. Patrick's Day party. With a prep time of 25 minutes and a total cook time of 45, this is both easy and delicious to make. And the best part? it can be freshly served on a warm pretzel bun. And if ground beef is not your thing, it can be easily replaced with ground turkey or chicken!

2. Pretzel Ring Beer Cheese Dip

There seems to be nothing like a warm soft pretzel when you are out and about. So why not bring that comfort to the kitchen this St. Patrick's Day with this pretzel ring and beer cheese dip. With the cooking time of under an hour, this dish will be eaten as quickly as it was made.

3. Baby Guinness Jello Shots

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Because what better way to celebrate than with a Guinness jello shot? This novelty shot is a combination of Guinness Stout, Bailey's Irish Cream, chocolate, and coffee, making it the perfect Guinness Jello shot. While the prep time is on the shorter side of just 30 minutes, the cook time does take a bit longer which is why it is important to plan ahead when deciding to make these.

4. Beer and Pretzel Caramels

There are some things in this life that just seem to go together and that includes beer and pretzels. Put your two favorites together and add sweet caramel and you and your party will be hooked. It is best to get started on this sweet snack early so it will be ready for all of the festivities. 

5. Guinness Brownies

Brownies make the world go 'round, and these rich-in-taste beer brownies will be the talk of your St. Patrick's Day events and will most likely be done within the hour!

6. Guinness Chili (Vegetarian)

Nothing warms the heart like good chili; vegetarian included! So grab your favorite crockpot and get started first thing in the morning. Make sure you set 2-3 hours aside which gives the chili just enough time to work its own magic in the pot and be delicious!

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7. Corned Beef Poutine With Guinness Gravy

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Poutine is an already European favorite and the gravy being made with Guinness makes the perfect finishing touch to this delicious meal.

8. Oven-Fried Guinness Onion Rings With Stout Gravy

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Other than a 20-minute preparation and an overnight chill, these easy-to-make onion rings can be ready in as little as 15 minutes. They are crunchy and delicious, making them a perfect addition to any St. Patrick's Day party.

9. All-Irish Black And Tan

Because nothing beats an Irish classic. This will hands-down be one of the simplest drinks to make this St. Patrick's Day, all you need are a Smithwick's Ale and a Guinness Draught.

10. Chocolate Guinness Waffles

What better way to start St. Patrick's Day morning off with some chocolate Guinness waffles? An interesting spin on an already delicious breakfast dish. This dish will also work with pre-made waffle mix as well as waffles from scratch.

11. Slow Cooker Guinness Ribs

Ribs make the heart grow fonder. And once you try these slow cooker Guinness ribs you won't go back to having them any other way. The total cook time is 8 hours and 10 minutes, but it is very well worth the wait.

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