Awful New Details About The Mom Who Took Her 16-Year-Old Daughter On A 'Girls Weekend' And Arranged For A Man To Rape Her

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Therese Butler

She supposedly stood guard by the hotel girl while her daughter was being assaulted inside.

An Austrailian woman was arrested after police say she arranged for her young daughter to be raped by a stranger while on a "girls weekend." 

When Peta Butler was 16, she said her mother, Therese Butler, gave her alcohol and put her in a cheap hotel room in 2006. She then let a "balding, fat man" known only as Thommo into the room. 

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Thommo — who police have yet to capture — raped Peta, who's now 27. Therese locked the door and stood outside, guarding it.

According to the police report, she knew exactly what was happening in that hotel room.

A decade later, Peta spoke out on the Australian news program A Current Affair and talked about how she finally got her mother to confess to the crime, which led to her arrest. 

Peta confronted her mother over the phone, while police were listening on the other line. 

“I wouldn’t have taken you down there unless you were 16,” Therese reportedly said.

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“It was still… yeah … it was still rape, but you were 16," she continued. "I wouldn’t let him touch you under, under 16, no way.”

The rape was reportedly a part of Thommo and Therese's dating ritual. They met each other online.

Queensland Police

“I think to myself ‘how could a mum do what she did’?” Peta said during her interview. “I was hoping she was going to come in and stop it.”

“She set it up and she murdered me on that day. She might as well have.”

Therese was sentenced to four years in prison. She could be released in October this year. 

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