Is Rick Ross Dying? 9 Strange New Details About The Contradictory Reports That He's In The Hospital On Life Support

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Is Rick Ross Dying? 9 Strange New Details About The Contradictory Reports That He's In The Hospital On Life Support
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His family denied he was ever hospitalized.

Rapper Rick Ross, 42, was reportedly rushed to the hospital early Thursday morning after a 911 call was made regarding his health.

Not many details have been released on the status of Ross, but outlets say insiders’ stories contradict one another’s.

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Some sources say the music mogul has been hospitalized for serious health complications while others claim those reports are false.

What is really going on with the “Hustlin” rapper? Here are 9 strange facts about the reported condition of Rick Ross:

1. He was rushed to the ER after a 911 call was made.

Ross received emergency medical attention after someone called 911 early Thursday morning. The caller reportedly said the rapper was in his Miami home having a seizure, was unresponsive and was “slobbing out the mouth.”

The “B.M.F” rapper has a history of seizures and has struggled with them for a while now. In 2011, he was hospitalized for having a seizure on two different flights, TMZ reports.

2. He was reportedly put on life support.

According to TMZ, Ross was put on ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, which is used for prolonged respiratory support when a person’s heart and lungs fail.

He is reportedly being cared for in a Miami hospital, the outlet says.

3. Sources can’t agree on a medical condition.

Some sources told TMZ that Ross was suffering from pneumonia. Another source told the outlet he was receiving medical care for a heart condition.

It is most likely that he had an insanely severe case of pneumonia, a cardiologist at Westchester Medical Center explained to Hollywood Life.

“Sometimes if pneumonia is so bad, not enough oxygen is making it into the bloodstream through the lungs,” Dr. Tanya Dutta said. “The ECMO machine will take the place of your lungs until they improve and distribute oxygen into the bloodstream.”

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4. His family visited him at the hospital in a panic.

According to Hollywood Life, Ross’ family and one of his baby mamas hurried to the Miami hospital to check on him.

They were seen pulling up in a white Rolls-Royce and sprinted into the hospital without even shutting the car doors, TMZ reported.

5. Then they denied he was ever hospitalized.

According to TMZ, Ross’ family strongly denied he was ever hospitalized or put on ECMO.

6. Celebrities took to social media to wish him well.

Multiple celebs and athletes gave Rick Ross a shout out on Twitter regarding his health. NBA’s Lebron James, Gucci Mane, Drake, and more offered prayers and encouragement in their messages.

7. 50 Cent threw some shade.

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Mar 2, 2018 at 10:15pm PST

The rappers haven’t exactly been on friendly terms over the years, but 50 Cent posted a photo on Instagram that seemed to be aimed directly at Da Boss while he was hospitalized.

Ross’ enemy uploaded a picture of Ivan Drago from “Rocky IV.” The shot is from the scene where he is seen standing over dying Apollo Creed and says, “If he dies, he dies.”

8. He just posted a photo on Instagram showing off his watch.


Ross flashed a new Rolex covered in diamonds in a post that mentioned nothing about his time spent in the hospital.

Either he recovers extremely fast or something strange is going on.

9. He is reportedly home after four days.

TMZ reports that Ross has returned to his Miami home and is receiving treatment there.

Sources told the outlet he was actually cared for at two separate hospitals for his heart-related conditions.

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